Kenji's Sketchbook


Hi there, thanks for the comments. I will do more and post more. Cheers.

Ok, after two and a half hours…I came up with this last piece of silhouette for the closing day of thursday.


Ghost VS SoulGat
1 hour
Ghost first time in battle scene. Facing his first nemesis, SoulGat.

Medium: Photoshop, Painter IX


3 hours
Medium: Photoshop, Painter IX


A new task to deal with. The latest Storm Warriors 2 trailer has been released. It looks impressive. I took the opportunity to illustrate the trailer. First step, its story boarding of it. Will touch up and paint it once the whole set is finished. So here’s four panels so far for today.

Link to the trailer:

1 and 2 panels

3 and 4 panels


Today progress

Panel 5 and 6

Panel 7 and 8


Today Progress

Panel 9 and 10


cant wait to see it painted


Hi CCC, be patience. I will start blocking Panel 1 and 2 as soon as possible. I apologize for my slow work here due to workload. Please bare with me. :thumbsup:

Today’s progress

Panel 11 and 12

Panel 13 and 14


Today’s progress

Panel 15 and 16

Panel 17 and 18

Panel 19 and 20


Today progress

Panel 21 and 22

Panel 23 and Panel 24


Tried to spend some time on my panels today but doesnt seem like I made it, I felt bad… but one thing is for sure, sharing some of my old marker rendering works with everyone. Feel free to comment =)

Will continue posting the panels soon, and also start blocking for Panel 1.


3 days later…29th Oct progress

Panel 25 and 26

Panel 27 and 28


Start blocking out for Panel 1

Main thing is to make a sword tower lookalike the main focus of the painting. Its been chained to other rock mountains. Am trying to make an atmosphere where this sword looking like tower is somewhere warriors are trained. A special tower.

Will do a more blocking with some perspective into it.
C&C are most welcome :wink:


Blocking still


Yes, Im still trying to lock down the composition for this upcoming painting for Panel 1. Some blocking for today to start with.


Continue drawing panels for the project…

Panel 29 and 30

Panel 31 and 32


drawings in #51 post are amazing!
lovely style and colors


Hi woOLF, thanks for your compliment. It is an honor of you to drop by. Thanks!!

Heres today progress, continue blocking for Panel 1. Add in a little more details so that the subject can be read better. Medium Pen and Paper, I find it more easier to block things out that way.

*I will start a new thread under WIP/Critique 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art for this Panel 1 work, it would be more efficient to get feedback that way.


Today’s panel drawing

Panel 33 and Panel 34

Panel 35 and Panel 36


Really dig those castle-like structures on #58. Nice work :slight_smile: