Kenji's Sketchbook


yo good to see u here, wheres iron man!?


Still work in progress Sir


Comic Character Sketch
Medium: Pencil, Ink pen, Berol, Paint Brush

Some Figure Sketch
Medium: Pencil


Work in Progress for my September portfolio. Turbo Shek from Dragon Tiger Gate.
Started painting the usual way I always do. Found out that it was not as impressive as it used to be. So tried another way of dealing with it.

This is the latest progress for now. Hope to finish it by this week. Still wondering should I add in a Scorpion into it. Probably a montage of a scorpion, and paint over it.


Figure sketches are AWESOME!!!

make more!


yup the figure sketches are very nice…they have a feeling of form that would translate well into your concepts.
the marker work is well done also!


A million thanks for your comments. I will do more and post once its done.

Thanks a lot there. Im still developing my own style to form my own concept art. Somehow I still havent figured out where will I go, when will I be able to create my own style. Cheers~

Ok, heres an update of Turbo Shek. Block in more details last night, am trying to get his expression look more real now.


Alright, its finally done.

Just finished this piece, for end of September. Turbo Shek from Dragon Tiger Gate.
Medium: Photoshop, Painter IX


Repolished version of Turbo Shek, as previously the eyes are not detail enough

Life Sketch of my own Left hand

Hand gesture 1 2 3 4 5

Fist in motion


very impressive i like ur comic character sketches!, the painting maybe you can try painting it more detail? it seems to have of texture pattern overlaying it rather than showing more of the subtle detail of the character.


Hi CC, I will try to do better in next piece. Thanks for the comments!!

Demon Wing
Almost 2 hours

Just doodling something, slowly it started to look like a crow. Added in some patterns and it slowly has octopus tentacles. In the end it came out like this. Looks like a demon.

Medium: Photoshop


Black Spidy
50 minutes
My own interpretation of Black Spiderman.
Medium: Photoshop


Dark Butterfly
1.5 hours
Medium: Photoshop


1.5 hours
Its Sunday…it should be family day for me, but…
Medium: Photoshop


Monday Blue Creatures
1 hour 20 minutes
Are you having Monday Blue? Which is the creature that is playing your mood, eh?
Medium: Photoshop, Painter IX


Just a test

Also a run test of this image using Nuke, making it wobble.


Totally a lost tonight…

Zero Pose

Cuts from Zero

I totally lost what I want to achieve…sigh…


Soldier Ghost
45 minutes
No reference. Its been a long while since I last visited Ghost. Hes jumping out from the forest. He appears again for a new mission after a long thinking.

Medium: Photoshop, Painter IX


Start following E.D.A.H. programme.
Heres starting of 3 hours general silhouette.

Another 3 hours of sketch coming up later…hmmmm


Great sketchbook Kenji, and your markers are supergreat! Keep posting dude :slight_smile: