Kenji's Sketchbook


Hi everyone, my name is Ken. Im a illustrator and also a CG texturing artist. I will start posting my past work and recent works here for critiques. I want to improve myself as I am still very bad in my concept art. I will be very grateful to every single one of you who dropped by or leave a comment. I will, trust me =) So let me get started now. Cheers everyone!!

This is a sketch of an eye, without reference.
Medium: Photoshop

This is a sketch of a hand, with reference
Medium: Photoshop

Started sketching with just a nose, to a lip and some hair. Then I added in a piano keys as a background texture.
Medium: Photoshop

An hour sketch of Blackout, a character from Transformers. Added in some textures to make it look rusty.


This is marker rendering artwork, product, Coca-Cola.
Medium: Marker (Traditional Art)

This is another marker rendering artwork, seafood, Crab
Medium: Marker (Traditional Art)

This is also a marker rendering artwork, Jack Daniels
Medium: Marker (Traditional Art)

This is marker rendered artwork, Bumble Bee from Transformers. I added in some stroke textures to enhance the overall painting.
Medium: Marker + Photoshop


This is a digital painting artwork, cake. My friend showed me a photo reference and I told her that let me try do a digital painting version out of it. So there it is, I added in some textures as well to enhance the mood of the painting.
Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX

A digital painting, a golf player. The reference was too bright, lots of sunlight from the background, too yellowish and orange. So I changed the mood to be much more cooler to suit the players action.
Medium: Painter IX

This painting, initially the reference is just four females standing on beach with shadow cast on the sandy beach. I changed the mood of the reference, as I paint, I felt something was wrong. The subject has slowly changed and it started to look like comic characters silhouette. So I decided to give it a sky blue purple mood to it.
Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX

This is another moody painting. It was drizzling outside that day when I painted this. Added a little character near the joints in the umbrella.
Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX

A portrait of a friend. She posed well and the mood was really good. So I decided to paint it with a soft and sweet colors to it. Tried to make the overall look comfortable. Added in some textures near the hair to enhance the weight of the compositi
Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX

Last piece of portrait. Also a friend. Because the angel she posed is interesting so I painted her portrait out.
Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX


Approximately 1 hour without textures added.

My first concept art. Didn’t have an idea what to do, but I took the advise from ~leventep, he said “Its more about “seeing” color,shape and light as you paint. Concept is just a subject. Once you have those three the rest will follow.”

So I give it a try and there it is…actually, I don’t know what I’m drawing too. Hahaha…

Medium: Photoshop and PainterIX

Here is a quick breakdown how I started Crow

1.5 hours without texture

Have no idea what to draw. So came out with this, some sky, something on the sky…Its going to rain soon, I hear thundering.

Medium: Photoshop and PainterIX

A quick breakdown on how I started the above painting.

About 3 Days

A new born Assassin, Ghost.

Medium: Photoshop and PainterIX

Almost 2 days

Started of with strokes of colors and it almost turned out like a mood from StormRiders. Which actually is satisfying but the moment I try to put in a subject, it became a big problem. I don’t wish to try to create anything that is similar to StormRiders anymore. So I try to re-create Ghost which it was done days ago in Concept Art 003.

Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX

That is all for the moment. Will post more once a new piece is created. Cheers =)


I wish they were posted a bit smaller…
Its hard to appreciate whats going on when I can’t fit it in my screen. Looks like great work though. The realistic images look particularly nice.
I like the markers. I just can’t see it all!


Hi there Sir, I apologize for the large scale of the artwork. I tried scaling down when I re-edit my post but it doesnt seem to work. I sincerely apologize for my mistake again Sir.

I thank you for your appreciation. I will try my best to draw more good stuff. Cheers


A new artwork just finished not long ago.

Ghost Portrait
1 hour
Decided to do some sketch and ended up doing a quick portrait for Ghost.
Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX with texture

Feel free to comment and critique =)


WOW that last image is fantastic. I like the colour choice.


Thanks for the precious comment!! I really appreciate it a lot =)


45 minutes
Was trying to draw something new but couldn’t think of anything. So came up with the idea of painting some weapon for Ghost.
Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX


About 4.5 hours

It was a painting for a friend who just had her vacation at Bali. Saw her photos and it looks interesting, I wish I could go for a vacation…O well, so took the opportunity to paint this for her. As I paint, I felt something awkward. I think I almost did a Fan Art out for a manga…Im so sucky…

Overall I still like it. First is the color, Second the composition seems ok enough, Third, I think I can try something different from what Fan Art used to be!!

Medium: Photoshop CS3, Painter IX

Here is a short breakdown of how I started.


They r great works indeed! I wish I have ur traditional art skill, lol


Hi there, firstly I want to thank you for your warmth appreciation, second, Im so so so grateful to you.

It is possible to have traditional art skills as long as you practice the medium every day. Rather its just 1 hour or 30 minutes using it. Just keep doing it and for sure you can master traditional art skills.

In fact, I would love to have your Zbrush skills too. Cheers


Flaming Wind

2 hours

Started brushing strokes for the background. After that added a model in which reference from *Sohodoll Come Along photo. Try to change the guy who looks more like a hero type. He has the ability of fire and wind.

Medium: Photoshop and Painter IX


Life Sketch my own hand

Medium: Pencil

Practice some sketchings

Medium: Pencil


1 hour

Testing with mirror image technique. Inspired by Andrew Jones.

Medium: Photoshop


That’s Nice . I like ur colour. Do you start as an illustrator? I some how alway found colour the trickies part.


1 hour
What can I say about it, Huh?
Medium: Photoshop


Sorry for the slow reply. Yeap I started illustration as my major. And moved on Animation platform. However I still cant do well in 3D. The only thing I can adapt from my illustration skills are to texturing pipeline.

For colors…yea I would say its tricky. However, you’ve to know the mood for what you’re trying to achieve. For example, a sunny day, most likely you will have to use colors like orange, yellow, a little bit of blue, purple and red. Add in some cool colors to the shadows to make it a little bit interesting. Usually, its best to study colors from good photographs. I study my color sense from photos and slowly compare them with illustration.

And from there on, I try to paint in different colors to see whether it looks comfortable. Try to look it from far once you’ve finished your paintings, most of the time you can spot mistakes. Or you can view your paintings the next day after you wake up, I would say you will notice a lot of things for improve and to fix.

Hope this gives you a quick idea. Cheers =)


15 minutes
Medium: Photoshop