Ken P. from Autodesk promises "lots of surprises" this week...


Technically they were plugins as were Reactor and Stitch rather than standalone apps.

I don’t see *c being bundled with 2008 just out the door.

There was some stuff on a previous blog about realtime visualisation being shown at a conference, and there’s always nvidia/mental ray/CUDA.

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I very much doubt they would give away an entire app - surely that would contravene some stocky/shareholdery type bollocks?

I think it’s only ‘shock’ because he had to rhyme it with ‘tock’ - and ‘meh’ doesn’t rhyme :slight_smile:

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Maybe the communication center will rise from the dead. That would certinally be a shock.

Honestley I can’t wait to see what it is. I feel like a kid on x-mas.


I guess they have finally realised that CAT is so much better than Character Studio, so they bought it back from Softimage and remove CS for all time. :slight_smile:


My guess… Autodesk is dropping HD-DVD and the next version of max and maya will be distributed exclusively on blu-ray. Hmm… that or a new splash screen. :thumbsup:


My bet would be on a price drop.

well that or Autodesk is buying MS paint and is going to put it up against photoshop.


maybe autodesk have aquired POLYBOOST 4?

THAT would be a shock!


I think it might be somewhat telling that Ken used the phrase “lots of surprises” instead of “a big surprise”. Could this thing (whatever it is) involve multiple apps? Also, the fact that he mentioned “tune into this blog for explanations and discussion” might suggest some controversy is involved.


Yeah, that ‘explanation and discussion’ had me going uh-oh…

Maybe a further push towards Max being on the Arch/Viz side of things, and the canning of 3DS Viz?

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I know for a fact that they are dropping windows and are going back to DOS. Viva dos
ahhh, the days…


or indeed dumping 3dsmax…remember how they handled edit, paint, effect, plasma, lightscape and gmax…?

also how they removed door and windows plugin from max and left people who had Character studio 2.2 hi n dry when the next version of max did not get a recompile for that new max for around 6 to 8 months of moaning?

could be the end of some thing rather than something extra…or that’s what i ‘feel’ anyhow…but then i have a ‘‘half empty’’ rather than ‘‘half full’’ outlook on things currently!

i hope i’m wrong… i really do!


My guess is it’s a new plugin for Max called “lots of surprises”… something similar to the figmented “Make cool 3d button”. It takes your scene and with the push of one button, throws random shaders, modifiers, animation keys, and lights based on random seed values.


the only other hints/observations i can see around are that PEN posted he’s struggling with MELscript rercently and that bobo has been looking into MElscript also…now is that cos they are getting ready to ‘move on’ to maya and 3dsmax development is pulled maybe???
or are they just working in maya anyways these days?

it’s going to be a loooong week!

actually the end of 3dsmax would be odd with all the cool plugins coming out still like polyboost and the particle renderer from bobo’s studio he work’s for…

maybe maya is headed this way? and will be absorbed into 3dsmax?:smiley:

maybe melscript will be in the next release of 3dsmax???


They are not going kill max.


Man I bet the guys at Autodesk have a ball reading these threads


Apparently cresshead has no idea of the actual numbers. 3ds Max has, or atleast in the past, the most commercial licenses of any 3d app on the market, from what I heard from a reseller at one point there were more max licenses then Maya and XSI combined. So why would they kill Max?

About PEN and Bobo: PEN has been working with Maya for I don’t know how long. If you look at his site you will see that he lists both MAXScript and MELscript as services. I am sure as a contractor on various projects he has to know both to expand his client base. I am sure the same goes for Bobo. There is no way that MELscript could be implemented in 3ds Max, that is like saying your using Maxscript to write C++ code.






prays, begs, asks very pollitely for a decent maya <> max exporting tool

nah, never mind, I don’t ever see that happening … :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s probably some kind of silly tool, hmm perhaps a global repeat last command shortcut? :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve had a second thought on the text ken posted…

Just wanted you all to have a head’s up that there will be lots of surprises this week and that I want you to tune into this blog for some explanations and discussion.

the last part get’s me thinking…
there’s a little hidden excuse in these words… as if ADESK or Ken will have to explain something to the customers and knows that it will stir up some dirt…
it really could even be not so good news for max - or at least for max besides archviz stuff etc…


They will stop character studio development and it will be a extention human IK ! cool :thumbsup: