Ken P. from Autodesk promises "lots of surprises" this week...


Hmmm… nope…


Oh Yes! More new Max tools is always good IMHO. :thumbsup:



ehy bobo, there is a chance to have this great script?
i can’t wait to see how i can push mray with these proxies :wink:

this was a test a made manually instancing proxies, now to push it more there is just a problem: the viewport management
whitout a pflow script or at least a working scatter (even i can’t understand why is not working with proxies… the same pflow problem?) it’s hard to generate all those instances
- test 5.1: Ajax Extreme Proxy (320x320x544.568 = 55.763.763.200 polys!! full raytrace, FGmb, Detail Enhancement)
4m 45s


So, what were the promises in the end?

I’m sorry if I’ve missed something, but Max 2009 is out and I can try as hard as I can, no surprises, nor easter-eggs, anywhere to be found in the product. :shrug:

Maybe November will bring those out in Max 2010…

“Use the tools of the future, TODAY!” :buttrock:


Actually, we won’t see 3dsMax 2010 until next March. This 6 month release was a way for Autodesk to change Max’s release date from a Q4 release to a Q1 release. From what I understand it’s returning to it’s normal 12 month cycle.


Try this:

*Unzip, Run, Customize UI, drag from “Bobo_s Tools” category to a toolbar, menu or assign to a shortcut
*Open the script
*Pick a PFlow as distribution object
*Pick an mr_proxy or ANY other object as the source to distribute - it will work even with Lights, Cameras, Helpers, anything that is a scene node. The ON property of lights will NOT be animated based on the particle birth and death though.
*Alternatively, you can bake using the actual meshes assigned inside the PFlow - for example, a default PFlow will bake the Tetra Shapes of the particles.
*If you want a static distribution, set the time mode to “Current Frame”, otherwise keep the default “Current Time Segment” which will animate transforms and visibility to match particles birth, motion and death. In Current Frame mode, no visibility or transform keys will be created, only objects matching the particles on the current frame.
*Press the BAKE! button to process - this might take a while in Current Time Segment mode.
*If you don’t like the result, press the Delete Baked Objects button to delete the objects created from the current PFlow (each clone uses the name of the PFlow in its name). If you run the script again, the last copies of that PFlow system will be deleted automatically.

Note that this script is still Work In Progress.
Possible future improvements MIGHT include support for the ON parameter of lights (will require Copies instead of Instances); supprt for Hierarchies/Groups as sources (cloning the complete tree instead of the single picked object); manual selection of Copy/Instance/Reference mode and some more. If you have any ideas for improvement, please post them here.


I was just kidding :wink: however, the question stays, what did the “surprises” turn out to be in the end? Seriously, I missed it, so I’m curious to know.


The initial surprises were, as you know, the split in two versions and the change to Q1 release. Some of the unannounced surprises were the multi-threaded, Skylight-supporting Hair, built-in support for the OpenFlight scene graph via FlightStudio (targeted at military simulation and game developers) and, for me, a bunch of nice touches in the UI department that are too small for bullet points on a marketing flyer (automatic multi-line tooltips, tooltips support for checkboxes and dropdown lists, borderless rollouts and buttons, grips on the rollout scrollbars that show you better how far you can scroll, User view finally named “Orthographic” and so on).


which still is activated by the “u” -Key to confuse all existing and future users! :smiley:


Yes, this has been a surprise indeed. A negative one, but a surprise…


which still is activated by the “u” -Key to confuse all existing and future users! :smiley:

Personally, I think people should get away from choosing hotkeys based on the first letter of the feature being hotkeyed.

When an accomplished pianist plays their instrument, do they need little labels on each piano key to remind them which note is which?

Just my oppinion, for what it’s worth :shrug:


I cannot agree more!!! Max should have a unified shortcut layout the same way Motionbuilder has… consistent use throughout the whole application… target weld in edit poly should be the same in UnwrapUVW/edit mesh edit/spline etc etc… as well as navigation, same shortcuts throughout the interface, alt+mmb is panning in any schematic view, UVW 3d display etc… again lookat motionbuilder… it’s so consistent!



Well, if the existing users have been using the U key since 3D Studio DOS (1.0 released on October 31st, 1990 = 17+ YEARS ago!), they should not need to care about what the view is called as their fingers will know what to press subconsciously already.
I give you the future users confusion though. :slight_smile:
But it looks like new users complained that the Orthographic view was called “User” view in Max, which is a really bad description of what it does.




SHIFT + W is another example, it was for space warps, and now there appears that fancy thing, I don’t remember it’s name.

I still have problems with the menu when pressing the ALT key + mouse. and several important shortcuts should not be overwritten by the “keyboard shortcut override”, so I keep it deactivated always.

max is a big room with several different little cluttered rooms


This is a great timesaver and a great script!


I frankly doubt the relevance of that statement.
What do you mean by “turned on”? Did you actually write proper shaders to deal with ray-tracing (because 3Delight doesn’t ship with any for which this is really true). Did you adjust any settings, like your irradiance shading rate & quality?

Trace a glass ball on a chrome checkerboard surface, mental ray wins. Trace a whole city, 3Delight wins. Provided you know what you’re doing in each renderer.

Als note that knowledge aquired on operating mental ray doesn’t transfer easily to a REYES/raytracing hybrid renderer like 3Delight. The underlying algorithms work very different in many ways.



If I could sugegst a few additions:

  1. A size (scale) randomness feature (percentage) for distribution objects

  2. Animation start ramdomness for animated distribution objects (poincache start frame for example)


Thanks Bobo - I hope I came across this weeks ago, some self-serving requests:

  1. I’d hope there’s support for groups!
  2. Random scale feature for distribution objects
  3. Random frame start for animated objects (pointcached objects for example)


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