Ken P. from Autodesk promises "lots of surprises" this week...


Here’s Ken’s latest blog entry at

Don’t know what’s in store, but I’m getting excited…


Big announcement(s) (“almost time for a shock”) this week ?!


Price drop ?:rolleyes:


I hear they are going to merge Max and Maya and buy out XSI and turn it into a game level editor. Really, I heard this from a reliable source on the internet!

I can’t wait to hear what it really is.


thats Ken :wink:

boiling up expectations…

i guess its the introduction of Plasma 2008…
old news - really… was in development for the last years…
therefore the slow progress for Max…


Heard the same too and it works with copy and paste from any DVD you play on your machine.


I’ve heared max will now startup with a slightly blue-ish tint of viewport background instead of the slightly more grey-ish tint we are used too.

Can’t wait!!





I trust that we’ll be able to revert the old and trusted way of doing things etc. etc. :slight_smile:

  • Steve


I heard that it will default to a new Hello Kitty interface with pink tinted color scheme and the biped head will be the Hello Kitty head.



The Siggraph Party is going to be held on a dinghy.

  • Steve


About time, I’ve been asking for that for ever!

I’ll be more excited when Ken show’s what the “surprises” are and fingers crossed they’re as exciting as his one liner is leading us to believe.


I’m guessing bug-fix upgrade price to drop from $500 to $495.



Hope it´s a SP1 or a new extension with new stuff for 3ds max. Maya allready got all the cool stuff so it´s time for us maxers to get something fun now, like nCloth or a good fragment plugin.


Well, it’s in the Maxed Out section, so I presume so.

Personally, a port of Nucleus (or news of) would be nice.

  • Steve


I really hope that doesn’t happen


I’ll throw in a guess for either a free Mudbox or Combustion seat for each subsciption seat.


that would be neat!

but so would a seat of modo!
or if they go off n buy out Vue Extreeme and throw that into the mix for subscribers!


I don’t think Autodesk has ever given away different software for free to existing users. They do have bundle pricing on packages, but giving away free licenses would be the same as killing it off the other packages as they would lose the revenue stream on it. So I doubt you will be seeing any other packages being made available to existing customers.



Like character studio or pro-booleans, or…


could be they’re killing max off this year and will be moving you freely over to maya with no change in your subscription pricing…so no max2009 but maya2009 and onward>>
and eventually maya wil then also evolve into a new app…

to me the word ‘shock’ can only mean that the end of an app…and seeing as he’s tied into max…well…there you go!