Keira Knightley has one chest for the UK and another for US


[left]The UK Daily Mail reports:

{ Comment: the pic on the right looks more like it fits on cgtalk, doesn’t it? }


 [i]Keira's UK promotional material reveals her flat chest and right, in the US version, she boasts a fuller chest[/i]
 The 21-year-old star of the Pirates of the Caribbean films has spoken of her bemusement at being surgically enhanced by computer trickery in promotional material publicising her films in the US. She says studio executives and magazine publishers have decided that instead of presenting her as she really is, she should be seen as a lot bustier in case her flat chest 'turned people off'. 
   The actress says her breasts were digitally boosted for the advertising campaign for her 2004 movie King Arthur. 
 She also claims magazine publishers in the US ban stars from appearing on their front covers unless they have at least a C-cup size, or are willing to be digitally enhanced to make it appear as if they have. 
 Keira, who played Guinevere in King Arthur, said her normal breasts were blown out of all proportion and looked droopy on the advert to promote the film. 
   'Those things certainly weren't mine,' she told a US magazine yesterday. 
 'I remember we had an interesting discussion when they said, "We want to make them slightly larger and you'll get approval" and I was like, "OK, fine. 'I honestly don't give a s***." 
   'But then they showed me the first copy and these things must have been double-Es - and they were down to my knees. 
 'And I was like, "I don't mind you making them bigger, but don't give me droopy breasts. They look like your grandmother's t***', the actress said. 
   She then went on to say the incident was certainly not the first time she has had her chest digitally enhanced. 
 She explained: 'I did one magazine and found out you're not actually allowed to be on a cover in the US without at least a C cup because it turns people off. 
 'Apparently they have done market research and found that women want to see no less than a C cup on other women. Isn't that crazy? 'So they made my t*** bigger for that as well.' 
 Miss Knightley's comments will be seen as refreshingly honest in an industry fettered by publicists and agents watching every word. the actress has an agent, but unusually, no publicist. 



Why can’t people just leave well enough alone?


Chesty or not, she is outrageously hot.


Welcome to the industry of advertizing: It isn’t that much of a surprise that they would do this, people (atleast in the US) are fond of a certain form for a woman, one that includes curves and is not a straight line, it is generaly healthier looking than the semi-anorexic look that has been going around. Now no insults intended or anything, but this is a part of buisness, they are looking to catch the eyes of viewers towards their film the same as any other film. The studio could have turned her down for a bustier actress with possibly less acting talent, but stuck with Knightly. This same process occurs to enhance imagery in various magazines, changing eye color, breast size, skin tone are among numerous photoshop works of wonders that have people looking as appealing as they can be to their target audience.


Amen to that.


What’s with the added tatoo on her face?


Wow, the differences between the two are amazing. Added hair, shadow… a far less pretty face on the right. Really shows how aiming for ‘the best’ makes things devoid of soul. Well, that, and it’s cultural preference.

I love Knightly for her open way of dealing with this, though, very charming. Even if she uses the words ‘tits’. And that word has to be sensored in fashionable internet magazines, apparently.

That, and I don’t like large breasts that much.


i usually like a bit of chest, but some women look good with them and soem without.

to tell the truth i do like the uk pic better.


who’s the pretty 14 year old boy on the left? :smiley:

i kid. i kid because i love. :love:


And there I am thinking they only do this to game PR shots :slight_smile:


ANY woman you see in ANY magazine in the US is digitally “enhanced”


Is that shot on the left really the one that was used for promoton in the UK? It looks more like the ‘crude’ studio shot. Doing a search for UK poster sellers shows a similarly bustified Guenevere, though maybe they aren’t the actual UK posters.

And look at that bowstring, the way it curves around her breast. That bow must be pulling all of…ooh…half a pound. That wouldn’t even give you a bruise. And they didn’t fix it up in the poster either. I don’t know, some peoples’ priorities.

The article sounds more like another chance for Kiera to say tits and arse to impress us with how really unposh and down-to-earth she is. She might need sharper arrows though.


haha this is terribly funny. thanks for the article. also, breasts are breasts. at a certain point you get less picky. also you realise that kiera knightley is hot anywhere.


Big deal, even the picture on the right is not busty enough…right?


Thats old news.

In my opinion. Its what sells to the normal american. So to bring in more money , they would afcourse make her t*** bigger.

Woot for censorship by the way.


Whatever… At least making her “t***” bigger gives some poor fool a job.


That’s nice, usually we’re all up in arms about the opposite, about people being digitally reduced and the medias constant portrayal of stick thin girls as “boys” for the fashion photographers etc etc.

This is a pretty old story, I’m pretty sure it originally made the circuit back when that poster was originally shown on the net.

The photo doesn’t incense me as apparently I’m meant to be incensed by it, I don’t think it’s that bad, or even that bad of a thing to do, but I am wondering if all those impressionable women that we’re told about who seriously expect to be like the images they see in magazines aren’t suffering form the same sorts of delusions as those kids that go on shooting rampages after playing violent console games. Seems either they need to be firmly grounded in reality and some need to loose the blame culture, or just perhaps (and i’m going out on a limb here) it’s just another media myth… sadly they do seem to proove to have a certain veracity by the numbers of people that take the tack of that argument… oh well.


In any case, her breast looked good in the movie The Hole.

Do not worry Kiera, there is still a place for you in my bed.



Not just women. Any celeb is digitally altered to male or female. We do it all the time in movies too.

On the recent Superman Returns, Brandon was spit polished to have a perfect face for the entire movie. Personally I have worked on many shows where we got rid of wrinkles or pimples, warped asses and hips.


looks like a DEAD MANS CHEST to me…

erm… I`ll go away…