Keeping Team Render clients updated


I was wondering if anyone had any more efficient methods of keeping Team Render clients updated with the same software version and plugins as the host machine. Right now I just manually install and update the software on each machine which is fine, but I was wondering if anyone had any way of automating this sort of thing. My machines are currently all Macs in case that makes a difference.


Net was able to be booted from a network drive therefore you just had to keep an eye on one place. TR doesn’t seem to like it (gets unstable)
If you install the clients not in the program folder (there you might get problems with permissions) but somewhere else, you could use a backup program like second copy to keep the clients updated. therefor you would define one installation as your master and let the other clients check if something changed.
Btw. that is exactly the kind of feature I thought they would implement into NET… but no…we got TR :frowning:

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Rick from Maxon US has a great quicktip about setting up custom directories for C4D.
I’m not sure, but maybe you could use a network drive for storing all your plugins and presets for your clients.


Actually using Virtual Machines is a nice and easy way to keep everything up to date easy. I run my teamrender clients from 1 image file I keep up to date. I let all the different machine boot from their own copy of that image file. That way you can quickly roll out updates and not spend days making sure all the slaves are the same. It does come with some performance penalties, however it saves me a lot of time.

Actually the performance hit isn’t that high: