Keeping Painter 6, Painter 7, and Painter 8 Running Smoothly


Hi folks,

Since the subject comes up so often and my fingers are screaming at me that they’ve typed these words so many times before, here are some things that should help you keep Painter 6, Painter 7, and Painter 8 running more smoothly. They won’t answer every possible problem, but they’re basic and worth doing in any case.

Painter 6, Painter 7 and Painter 8, with more complex brush variants and multiple Layer types, are particularly processor intensive and use a lot of memory. There are some things you can do to help make it run more smoothly, though.

1. Lower the number of Undo’s if you have it set to the maximum of 32:

Edit > Preferences > Undo

2. Lower the number of days Painter auto-saves scripts (the maximum allowed is 10 days):

Edit > Preferences > General

In the Auto Save Scripts for [ ] Days box, type the number you want.

3. Use a smaller Scripts Library:

If you’ve recorded any scripts you want to save, in the Objects palette’s Scripts section menu, choose Script Mover and create a new Scripts Library (click the New button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box and give your new Scripts Library a unique and descriptive name). Then drag those script icons from the currently loaded Scripts Library on the left panel into your new Scripts Library on the right panel.

Then, when Painter is closed, go to the main Painter application folder and delete the default Painter Scripts Library file. In Windows it’s the Painter.ssd file. On Mac’s, it’s the Painter Script Data file.

When Painter 7 is opened again, a new empty scripts file is regenerated and whatever you do in that Painter session is recorded as a new script.

4. Close other programs while working in Painter.

5. Each time you close Painter, go to the appropriate folder for your Painter version and check the size of the Pre-built Brush File. If it’s large, delete it. You’ll find this file in the following folders:

[b]Painter 6 main application folder

Painter 7 > Brushes folder

Painter 8 > Brushes folder[/b]

I delete this file if it’s over 1 MB, though your system may be able to handle letting it get larger than that. Testing the Impasto variants one day, the “PBF” grew from its base file size of 113 kb to over 60 MB in less than 20 minutes, so if you’re using complex brushes like Impasto, Water Colors, and Liquid Ink (and some others), you may need to check it more frequently. This is also true for some custom brush variant collections available to download from various sites. Chris Cimonetti’s Fine Art 2 brush library is a good example. You’ll find the Fine Art 2 brush library by going to the PixelAlley Section Links Page.

It doesn’t hurt anything to delete the Pre-built Brush File as it’s used to store brush information and make brush building (by Painter) faster. It’s regenerated the next time Painter is opened.

6. Always save your work frequently and no matter what you’re doing in Painter, after working for an hour or so, save your file as a Painter RIFF, shut down Painter, and check the Pre-built Brush File size.

7. Use Save As and save your RIFF files in a numbered series. For instance:


8. If you experience corrupted RIFF files, save your files Uncompressed. The default is compressed, so you’ll need to check the Uncompressed box when saving.

NOTE Never use Impasto settings with Water Color brushes or Impasto variants. This can cause immediate and permanent corruption of your image, and right before your eyes, to boot!

9. Do regular system maintenance tasks.

In Windows, at least, and I am not a Mac user so can’t say what system maintenance would be needed, run ScanDisk and Defrag at least once a week.

Regularly clear out browser cache and temp files, even several times a day depending on how much you’re on the Internet, whether you’ve downloaded files, etc.

10. When you’ve done all of the above and Painter becomes sluggish, use Save As to save your file as a Painter RIFF, close Painter, delete the Pre-built Brush File if necessary, and reboot.


Thanks Jin!
Those adevices are always useful and worthy to have them all packed in one!


Hi Tayete,

You’re welcome. Those suggestions certainly don’t cover all situations, but they’re good to follow in any case.

Thanks for posting a reply. It made me look again at my message and notice that some of the UBB code copied from TutorAlley Forums didn’t come through correctly here at CGTalk. It’s fixed now, I hope, so the text is easier to read.

The offending character was > when I typed a path to a folder or menu command.

Happy day to you! :slight_smile:


I’ve made this thread a sticky.

I’ll check around and see if I can collect all the helpful advice you’ve been giving and put them into one stickie thread called “Jin’s knowledge base for Painter users” or something.


That would be great Luna!


Whoa! My PBF was 236 MBs! Thanks for the info. Post more!!! :thumbsup:


I know this is an old post, but this what thought of to make the process of erasing the brush file and scripts file in painter 7 running on a windows machine a little quicker & easier.

Create a new text file
in it type:

cd program files\painter 7
cd brushes
del Pre-Built*.*

now save and close it.
change the file extension from .txt to .bat

There ya go, anytime you want to clean out the files which may bog your painter down just double click this file and it will remove them for you (AS LONG AS YOU INSTALLED PAINTER INTO THE DEFAULT DIRECTORY…if not, just change the paths in the txt file to represent where the painter root is on your computer.) hopes this helps someone out :slight_smile:


plig and anyone else reading this thread:

I would not recommend using plig’s .bat file unless you really know what you’re doing.

A couple of important reasons:

• If you delete the Painter.SSD file, you’ll delete any automatically recorded scripts you might want to use later and any of your own recorded scripts (ones you deliberately recorded).

• If you’re using Painter IX, the Pre-built Brush File is not located in the Corel > Corel Painter IX application folder and if you delete any files installed into that folder, Painter IX may not work properly, or even load at all.


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