Keeping Meshes Clean



Is there a way to keep an eye on the integrity of my meshes as I go along? I seem to end up with polys on polys and double edges etc. This seems to hinder stuff like booleans. When I export to Electric Image the mesh is a bit of a mess. I have to run the model through EIAS’s validation process to improve them but they still have problems along with weird polygons that shouldn’t be there. I have tried both .fact and .obj




You can use Select Special Geometry from the selection menu. Use the opts to set filters for edges with more then two faces etc.

If you have faces etc occupying the same space try merging vertices with a low tolerance value.


Thanks once again :slight_smile:

I have had an issue this evening - I think I may have toggled something. My meshes are all now bright white like there is an intense light in the scene. I haven’t added any more lights and there are none listed in the scene editor. If I change to use scene light, the meshed go very dark.



EDIT: Fixed - switched theme and problem went away.