Keeping hard surfaces


Hi I have been using zbrush a bit lately and I find it very easy to sculpt organic meshes.
Also It is incredibly easy to increase and decrease the polycount and even out the poly’s.
But I was wondering how you keep all the sharp corners and edges sharp when increasing, decreasing and evening out the poly’s.
Usually everything smooths out when doing any of those.
I already learned about creasing and it did the trick for increasing the polycount, but it does not for decreasing (Remeshing).
Also it is impossible to keep sharp points I really wanna know how to keep spikes.
I hope that sombody can help me out.
All info is welcome. :slight_smile:


you can turn off SMT next to the divide button then press divide
SMT off = no smoothing
turn on dynamic subdiv
then below that set smooth >0
then set> flatsubdiv high as it can go and press apply.
when you move the subdivide slider up or down it will not smooth out,
you can all so create another edge or 2 next to the part you want to keep sharp,
see Geometry edge-loop or do it threw zmodler brush