Keeping cloned cards squared with camera.


I have a series of cards (2D planes) in a cloner. I want the clones to always be square to the camera. That is, not just facing the camera, but also completely horizontal.

I’ve tried both the Target tag and the Target Effector. But neither seem to keep the cards squared perfectly flat perpendicular to the camera and completely level with the X axis.

Any idears?


Parent a cloner or matrix object to the camera/ a Null that you also use for the camera, align it with the camera, make it invisible and using an inheritance effector transpose the rotation of the placards to whatever other cloner. The cloner in the camera group naturalyl need not do anything and can be invisible, it really merely serves to provide the rotation data for the effector to keep things aligned.



That works great! Thank you!

I notice I have to click anywhere in the Object Manager in order to get the viewport to update the clones after I move the camera. How can I get them to update as I move the cam?


Also, would there be an easy way to keep them all the same size no matter the clone distance to the cam?



You may be interested in my free plugin called “CD Align to Camera”:

Here’s a video showing the results:

Cactus Dan


The update issue only occurs, if you use the camera directly, parenting the cam and the setup to the Null behaves more interactive. Something to do with how C4D evaluates the transformation matrices.



Might be a bit tricky to get that working, since you would have to use a COFFEE/ Python effector to calculate the distance for each clone and the performnce would go down the drain. I think douwe’s PolySize effector used some of that. Otherwise you can try to create a plain or step effector, parent it to the camera, set the transform space to effector and use a falloff. By tweaking the ranges and falloff curve it would be possible to keep the scale visualyl consistent…



Do you mean you want them to appear to be the same size in terms of screen real estate, such that the cards further from the camera are actually bigger than those close?
If so, let us know and I can put together a file that can do that… I think :blush:


You keep asking that, don’t you? :slight_smile:

A plain effector at cam position takes care of that.
Linear falloff, scale -1, no clamp.



Haha, yeah, I was having the same déjà vu.
Last time I remember is:



nice one, thanks Dan!



Ooooops, a buddy of mine pointed out that CD Align To Camera doesn’t work on a Cloner object, so today I added support for Array and Cloner objects:

You can re-download it from the link in the previous post of mine.

Cactus Dan


Thanks for updating your plugin Dan!


Yessir! :slight_smile:


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