“Keep a Sharp Eye”, Ron Crabb (2D)


Title: “Keep a Sharp Eye”
Name: Ron Crabb
Country: USA
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

This is an all digital fine art piece from a series I’m calling “Illustrations From Untold Stories”. It is meant to inspire writers and storytellers as well as those who just like to daydream to come up with a story to fit the image. It was all done in Photoshop and looks very much like my actual oil painting technique (only it’s much faster!) Hope you enjoy—and daydream just a bit.
NOTE: This image has now been updated to include revisions made based on excellent feedback in the forum. I also revised the water reflection a bit. Thanks for all the input!


That is simply gorgeous Ron. Stunning work that sends shivers down my timbers. Your oil paintings must be something to behold in the flesh.


I quote 100% Nickillus.
Beautifull work and very inspiring!


This is really beautiful piece. Great atmosphere, i like it. 5 stars.


absolut light and mood cool dress and faces only crit to fire I dont like it:thumbsup:


Absolutely stunning. You hve really nailed the mood and coloring. The folds of the man’s shirt are beautifully done. Oustanding job! 5 Stars!!


really many beuatiful work , i love the atmosphere , 5 stars :applause:


very very Cool…nice lighting and mood…!


It’s really good~
the light of torch makes the scene more mysterious~


i like this a lot. Good job :slight_smile:


This is really impressive!!5*:love:


just perfect


Wow, gorgeous. Great reflections.


Slammin’! Has a Hilderbrant feel to it.


Great work!!! :smiley:


Each character is stunning and can survive as invidivual pieces, but when together really gets your mind going to imagine a story behind them. Love everything about it, the warmth of the colors is very inviting. Thanks for the new desktop!




Absolutely stunning! this is just beautiful…

Hmmm… I’m going to present this to my kids…(ages 8 and 11) I’m curious to see what story they can come up with…



Good gods, that’s spectacular.

And the basis of the concept is really wonderful. Not ony have you presented a beautiful artwork, but you’ve told a story without even having to tell it, and that is far more impressive than the stunning realism or the technical prowess you’ve demonstrated. This is the side of art that everyone on this forum should be aspiring to, and I mean that wholeheartedly. Really, really very well done indeed.

Oh, and it’s purdy 'n stuff. :slight_smile:


A very beautiful and inspiring piece! And like someone else posted, your picture truly speaks a thousand words :slight_smile:
Someone please hand this man an award!


i love the lighting works,great job overall:)