Kaziu, Piotr Slomowicz (3D)


Title: Kaziu
Name: Piotr Slomowicz
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop, Silo, XSI, ZBrush

This character was started around 1,5 year ago. In the beginning I didn’t even plan to render or finish it. It started as fast sculpt of upper body because I wanted to do some fat folds in Zbrush. From time to time I reopened the file and added some new objects before finally deciding what I want it to be.

Alot of objects started from basic boxes since I do not like to spend alot of time on base meshes. Trying to connect points is not fun after you get used to sculpting.

Render took quite some time, 10h and that is with DOF being done in post.

Kaziu is a name, so I can’t translate that.


Fantastic work, many details and render is awesome.


Nice gritty character, he would fit into Killzone’s universe quite nicely. I saw this on ZBC and loved it there. You should post up some construction shots, the sculpt is particular nice. Kudos on waiting out a 10 hr render :surprised It was definitely worth it.




great work piotr !
like lildragon say, some construction shot would be great!


Allright hotlinking works and I see forum has auto resize option. Right click them and choose show image (with firefox at least) to see full 2k resolution.


awesome work !


Wow, the sculpt, details and render is fantastic. Amazing job. Especially the body really gives an amazing feeling of weight. :thumbsup:

Anyway, I think the pose is not on par with the rest. It looks a bit unnatural, might be especially the right arm and I also think the facial expression could be improved. It looks a bit dead and boring. :-/ A guy like this could shout out loud to his buddy or be angry or suprised or whatever.

Could be a tiny bit less grainy for my taste either but well…otherwise very good work. Love the textures and shading.


Nice job… Cgtalk needs a like button.


wow amasing!!! Really well executed


Great character Piotr:cool: I already mentioned the fingernails @ cgfeedback but it’s some beautiful work man:thumbsup:


What did you use Silo for?
I’m a new Zbrush user, but have worked in Silo for awhile. Just wanting to see how most people use the 2 programs with each other.

Great Work btw! I really dig the character.


This is sick! :eek: Love everything about it. I especially like the texturing and lighting. Awesome job! :thumbsup:


Sick!>>>>>5 Stars.


Oh my, that’s wonderful.

Great character, pose, comp, environment. Super.


My best wishes


Awesome!!I love this!Great model, light, texture, render.


Great char! I was recently thinking about such a sour, grim protagonist for a project… He should definitely follow / borrow… (W) Kaziu zakochaj się;) Great name for the personality.


I like the fact that he is more like the average not so olympian muscled build, stout build guy is great


Yes! This is good, skin is very real!


No critics,great work!


Outstanding work i like the texture and render :bowdown: