Kaz female mercenary


Here is a model I’ve been working on for my university final year project. I’m planning to model two in total but I want to get this one right before I move on to the next, comment and crits are greatly appreciated.

** Larger image ** http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f297/hoodedpython/kaz.jpg


My critique for this is mainly based on proportion and texture.

Firstly, Texture:
If you are going for a mroe cartoony look, than ignore the following completely, however, if you were going for something realistic, I suggest a bit of improvement.

Firstly, ensure that the texture-maps on the girls skin are detailed enough and accurate enough to at least look plausible (e.g. no blue lips, green skin, etc).

After the texture map has been tested on the model, try applying some sort of SSS shader.

The first iteration will look rubbish as a rule, but once you start messing around with the skin layer maps and the specularity, bump and gloss settings, you’ll find a model that looks infinitely more convincing as a human.

Other than the skin, the other textures are pretty solid and could probably stay!

Secondly, Proportions:

The model looks good, the face looks fine, but the proportions are way off.

Firstly, the torso isn’t large enough, scale it up a bit and it’ll look a lot more convincing.

Secondly, the hands are WAY too small, make them about 1.5x the size and you’ll see a major improvement!

Thirdly, make the head a tiny bit smaller (this might not be necessary due to the torso scaling).

Overall, brilliant start! Keep up the solid work!



Nice work, I like the model overall. The hands are way to small in my opinion, also making the knife very small. Keep it up, you should post some wires and close-ups for more crits :slight_smile:


Slight update. Also made her squint a bit.

@tadmod: OMG I can’t believe I didn’t notice that, small hands. Thanks for pointing that out.
Funny you ask me to use SSS because I have been. Maybe I’m at the rubbish first iteration. My settings are as follows;

@Birran: Thanks for pointing out the small hands and I’ve posted some wires this time.


That’s a lot better than before! Well done.

Now to further the points I made. The issue now appears to be the sale of the wrists. You seem to have the wrists taper before attaching to the hands. In reality, they should be a bit thicker.

Next, you need to move the pelvis area on the pants lower, that is, the attachment between the left and right legs. Where the leg-band is currently sitting is where I suggest it should be, and move the band further down.

Finally, to the SSS; It’s the scale of the SSS/model which is affecting this. Try messing around with the models’ scale and the Surface “Scatter Weights” and “Scatter Radii”.

Hope that’s helped!



tadmod: Thanks for replying. I think your right about the scale the original gird in 3ds max is about half the size of my models foot.

Do you know of any tutorial that explains what each of the SSS parameters do?


sweet model Hooded, love the texture only the skin needs some SSS just like Tadmod said.

Good luck


Really like her face , keep it up man :slight_smile:


here some little tweaks.


The nose is a kinda weird on the upper part.

The shoulders and thecollar bone should be lowered a bit. And you should add the sternocleidomastoid muscle.



Hey hoodedpython, nice to see your new WIP. :slight_smile: You’ve made a lot of progress in character modeling - the lady looks very good. Seems like you’ve braided the splines of her pigtail - my special congrats on that!

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Here’s a slight update. Haven’t figured out a way to bring out the skin texture a bit more. Any ideas.

rjsmal: Managed to get the sss working. It was the scale conversion option right at the bottom which I had to reduce that did the trick.

Mehdishay: Thanks.

Raytheon: Good point. I tried to sort out the muscle on the neck with a normal and displacement map but I don’t think I have enough memory to get away with that so I’ll have to model it in on the next update.

zokana: Thanks. Also I would have loved to get back to work on my previous scene with the lady and the car, but a motherboard issue forced me to wipe everything off and reinstall. :sad:
At last this one is turning out okay.


Nice model hoodedpython!

The face looks really good.


i like her face, but the hands are still small imho. the lenght of the hand (from the base to the tip of the middle finger) should be approximately the same distance as from the chin to the hair line


some easy tweaks:

Lower the collarbone

put some dirt on the skin texture. and add some colour variation.

desaturate the colour of the trousers, they seem kinda new

make the telescope black

add some fired bullet to the ground

try to give her face an expression

you could also break the undershirt. If you see on her left it goes up a pocket and it makes her hips look too wider. If you break it in order to be closer to the body the over silhouette should be better imho


Cowl job, even though I don’t really see the SSS…

really nice job!


Hvit_Ravn: Thanks

kybel: Thanks for giving me the comparison hopefully the hands are the correct size now.

Raytheon: Thank you for all your tips, they were really useful however I didn’t understand your last suggestion.

derkomai: Thanks. The SSS is there but there’s no direct light behind it so you don’t see any red transparency stuff.


hehe I knew it would have been difficult to explain; but cause a pic woths more the 1k words…

my browser doesn’t load the the image.
i’ll post the url just in case http://yfrog.com/j4upd1j


breasts don’t need to be more round, just listen a true female.

for the pose, just some good ideas, Raytheon!

I’ll add I have a matter with boots… they seems all ground dirt, except laces.?


Raytheon: Thanks for going through the effort of creating an image, I understand what you meant now however I don’t understand your pose suggestion it looks quite weird to have her pointing at nothing.
I am planning to put another character next to her, maybe my pose would make more sense once you see the other character next to her.

derkomai: Yeah I was planning to make the laces dirty but it’s gonna take a while to unwrap them so maybe you’ll see it on the next update.


A few more changes.