Katana - First Finished Model (SoftImage|XSI)


Model, textures, render, all by me.

Wires: http://www.loneshadow.com/images/kwires.jpg

TextureMap: http://www.loneshadow.com/images/katanaskin.png

FinalRender: http://www.loneshadow.com/images/katana.jpg

Intended for low-poly in-game usage. For my first finished model, and one of my first models ever, I’m pretty happy with it! Tell me what you guys think.

Those renders are in OpenGL. Below is a Mental Ray render. I have not edited the materials, at all, just the textures, so that’s the default specular.


So, how is it? :slight_smile:


its good for your first, now try and make a character around it


I would like to add hands to it and an animation and put it into Half-Life to test. That would be idea. However I don’t know how as of yet. I am planning on making a character for it, Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid. The ninja guy. The sword is to scale with his except the guard on his is square (at least in Twin Snakes) and I liked this look (more standard katana).


Looks like that sword from Kill Bill.

the blood smears are pretty good, except where they meet the blunt edge of the sword you can see they don’t line up. but that’s minor.

other than that, I would say, make the details in the handle sharper. like all the threads that are woven around it.


the model is simple, but nice work for your first :slight_smile: i would work abit more on the textures ya know ?


nice start man. the big issue for me is that a katana is a curved weapon. it’s a subtle curve, granted, but it’s absolutely essential to the character of this particular killing machine. without the curve, it might as well be a broadsword (or a nail for that matter). I’m no CG guru, that’s for sure, but if you’re going to label it “katana”, try and give it the subtlety generated over the 3000 odd years that went into developing it’s form.

keep trucking with this. it’s looking pretty good.


I was going to say the same thing obelisk said.

The katana has a slight curve to the blade. The straight bladed sword like yours is called a ninja-to and was used by…Ninjas! http://ninjasword.gungfu.com/


I could curve it but it was designed just like Grey Fox’s sword from Metal Gear Solid. (The ninja guy.) I didn’t think “Grey Fox’s Sword From Metal Gear” was a good thread title! There is already a discussion over on 3-D Buzz in my thread about the design of the katana. I realize it’s not a katana but it’s pretty similar. Next time I’ll call it ninja sword. lol Anyways thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:


Due to general appreciation of the model and textures, and requests for a better version (from these forums and others) I will be adding additional details. I’m going to add more detail to the grip texture (including lowering the brightness of the yellow on it, and the upper hand guard), add a bottom hand guard, most likely some form of rope or charm hanging from the guard, alter the blade texture slightly, curve the blade, and align the blood splatters correctly. I’m pretty proud of this model and think it looks pretty good, but it can look even better as those of you have pointed out. I didn’t use to take crits to well but I’m doing much better AND it is helping my art. I used to say “it looks good enough” or “I like it how it is”, but when I’m planning on doing this for a career and putting out quality work I am going to go for top notch. Look for updates soon. :slight_smile: Definitely by Saturday I would think…


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