Kanti, Haddes (3D)


Here i’am again ,

this time it’s the end :cry: :cry: :cry: i’ve finished it . . . i’m not completely happy with it but that’s it for now

Just below the image there is a link to the 1600*1200 resolution one

it’s 3.40 am here , i’m dead !!! :banghead: and going to bed, will tell you more on the scene tomorow ,

1600 * 1200 image

ciao ciao,

– HaDDeS –


Holy crap. That’s my new wallpaper. I love it. Great job on the reflections. :beer:


Darn that’s nice… Too nicey!!!

Amazing reflectivy… Nice concept too man! A skater robot straight from Back to the future 2

New desktop here to… :applause:

Kudos to ya!


WOOHOOO! That’s just sweet! We’re talking Front Page sweet.


Originally posted by Teyon
WOOHOOO! That’s just sweet! We’re talking Front Page sweet.

I’ll second that…

WOW! That looks just unbelievable. I really need to know how to render like that. Absolutely phenomenal.



hey. this is so attaractive…really cool design! amazing colors and style!!! cool man…u done good amount pf job…u deserve the front page…

so what package did u use??? looks…really hot as wallpaper~! or for some book cover…!:bounce: :beer: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


man, FLCL was great. This is definatly front page material:buttrock:


COOL I like the coat, again could you please tell use what was wrong with it? Oo… :smiley: GJ


woooow !~ very very cooool!~~~~:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

great work!:drool: :thumbsup:


I like everything except for the shirt. Looks more like plastic then cloth.


at the way u said it, u muz had took a long time to complete it… welldone! very nice reflections… :airguitar


:beer: Nice backside air
Looks good. Nice detail.
Although it was a little hard to tell
which way he was facing at first.


kickass model and render…its sooo crisp…although it takes a few seconds to realise waht it is :smiley:


Wahahahahaa:bounce: give me five …!man:buttrock:

this fclc dam nice lah!!!:bounce: i like it very x 100 much

Do u animate it??:rolleyes: hope can c u animate it…haha:drumrock:




Awsome. If only it had something that resembled a head. Then i would love it!


Very cool, I loke the composition and the reflections.



wow, this seriously kicks some @ss. Great job done w/ the reflections, and as well with the pose and resemblence of moving! (cant think of anyother way to say it at the moment :P) very good lookin!


:applause: :applause: :applause:

:buttrock: :buttrock:

I’m speechless.


I like this it perfect. i like the furture cybog design of it . Greak work.:thumbsup: