Heres a couple shots of a model I finished a couple months ago for my demo reel. Its taken me a while to post it. Been busy searching for a job. Anyways let me know what ya think.


More shots


last one


ahh that is the sweetest thing ever. great job. :applause:


Gosh! Amazing! Ilove the gun and all the leg´s details.
Superb! :thumbsup:


i could just say: VOILA!

“hey man, would you give me some polygons till tommorow?!”


HOLY CRAP DUDE!!!, what platform do you use?:buttrock:


Looks like Max to me.


I think the leg proportions are off a bit in that they seem to be to wide and short compared to the rest of him…other than that it looks nice man!

One more thing…could you post some wireframe shots to see how it’s parameterization is optimized for animation?


Thanks for all your comments. Matt guessed right, it was done in 3dsmax4. . . .

Oh and BCSimpson, I`ll post some wireframe shots up for ya sometime soon.


Its rather high poly and could use some spent on it removing the unneeded polys but I`ll get to that sometime.


Full Body Textured


In the imortal words of Dean : Very Nice
Are you going to work on the eyes ? (or lacktherof :))
The textures are really nice too, why didn’t you participate in the texturing challenge ? . . . :smiley:

I think some dirt/bruses on his bicepts and the texturing would feel complete. Any poses or is he rigged ?

Could you elorborate on the techniques (if any) that you used for the dirt etc. around the pants and boots ? Be great to see, perhaps post it in the Texturing tut 2+3 in the Texturing Forum at the bottom.

see you,



Farley13, Thanks for the comments. I am reworking the eyes. Wasnt real happy with the ones that were on there. The reason I didint participate in the challenge is that I had finished all the texturing before the challenge. I had been wanting to post my model to get some feedback, but have been spending most of my time searching for work. The main reason Im posting now, is that I am going to start going back and cleaning things up with the model.
He is rigged and I have a pose I`ll post shortly. As far as the dirt on the legs and boots, I spent alot of time looking at old worn leather coats, shoes, holsters, ect… I then went into phototshop and started recreating that worn leather look by taking digital shots of leather and dodging and burning to get the desired look.
Hope this helps some.







spec color




:bounce: :buttrock: :bounce: :thumbsup: :bounce:


great char. must see riged in action