Kane And Lynch, Balazs Kiss (3D)


Title: Kane And Lynch
Name: Balazs Kiss
Country: Denmark
Software: mental ray, Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

I used photographic elements when I started this image, only the the heads and the background are 3D, the suits are modified images I shot before.Also, the hands, I added the pushblade and the blood later in PS/XSI.
I made a matte painting for the dead bodies, instead of making them in 3D…
On the early version of this image Lynch ( dude on the right ) was also angry, here is a test I made when I started(below)


Hi dude!

Nice one…I think you should pay more attention to details next time :smiley: (just kidding)
I like the lighting and the look of the hair. Expressions are talking for themselfs…
Good work!

(Kártyaparti update van?) :slight_smile:


can’t wait for this game and you’re giving us some crazy kane and lynch artwork as usual.
Great compo, tension between the guys…well, that’s hot.


Great job man, looks like it’s going to be an intense game! The only thing that looks off is Kane’s collar, it’s very hot! Other than then it’s very well done.


Take care



Would be great if someone could fix those links, because I can’t edit my post…anyway, I post them here again until someone fixing those links :slight_smile:


Holy mother of jesus this is great… I just love this image. I cant find words to describe how much does this image rules… Just love it man , GREAT topic! :applause:


so damn great… :scream:

rock on!


very cool i saw this image 2-3 weeks ago just amazing with the mix of 3d and 2d 5 stars by far.

As it has all ready been raised the only crit i have is the collar is way to bright stands out alittle to much, keep it up cant wait to see more of your work.


Nice picture, the faces are grat ! :bounce:


Great work! :thumbsup:


Hey Balazs!

Very nice job on this one! You have such an eye for lighting it’s stunning.
I love it.
Could you tell me if you achieved the hair with XSI hair as well or was it painted? My guess is that it is 50-50! :wink:

Keep doing amazing images like that and I can’t wait to play the game either! It looks completly demential! :slight_smile:


Wow! Excelent work!

10* from me :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Very nice atmosphere and attention to detail. It would be very interesting to see the wireframe shot of the scene.


amazingly great!love the mood!


Is the hair a photo comped on top? Hand painted maybe? Or… gulp… 3d?

Great work Balazs!


Great work! Very impressive! :thumbsup:


people are asking and guessing in mails about the layers, so here are the details :
top left : constant material with the diffuse texture
top rigt : lambert with diffuse and image based light
mid left : sss, done with an old shader called diffusion, written by the almighty bigmuh
mid right : reflection
bottom left : cook/torrance specular
bottom right : all together…

about the hair : it has 3D elements ( especially on the beard, planes+transparent textures ) and the long hair ( xsi hair+(more)photoshop ).
Kane’s hair is based on photos, cutting them together in PS, and fixing areas where it didn’t matched the lights, or the shape of the head.It was way faster than doing the whole thing in 3D…


Very cool. Truly, amazing piece of art in 2D, 3D and the final integration of both.
Emotionally, very powerful. Do you really need photos to start? Anyway, a great picture.

Oh, sorry. I found something, that bothers me: The left suit gets intense light from the left. But the colum behind dosen’t.


However you made this, it looks awesome … wow :bounce:

I have a small question, why you’ve taken the shot from this angle? the column is preventing from showing the nice detailed hall …


really nice work
i like the style,scene and modeling