Kamil Kozlowski- Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


HI there, its nice to be back agaain :slight_smile:

So let start to cut!





here is my first pass, the idea is very simple as U can see. I still have to work over morph target and his mouth hands…all i think.

Tell me what do you think

take care


2 things popped into my head. I like where you are going with this a lot. I like the timing of the hit very much. one thing bothered me and that was that there seemed to be too much movement. if you take out the first guys look to the left and kept it on the cherry that would help. Plus that would give you a second more to look up at the big guy off camera, register him, then wave and then get hit. also, I think the cut should go right after the guy gets hit. that way it can cut out and see the big guy and then the cherry falls into his hand. the zoom out doesn’t have the impact of the cut. the cut will give the viewer a little more time to resiter the big guy and effectively pull of the end.


you are right there is a bit to much movement in the scene. Taking out the first look should fix it i will work on this. Its all becouse the 100 frames limit hehe. You want sometimes to add too much where is no place for that.

OK take care and see’ya

Thanks for your fresh look it helps a lot.



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