Kam Atam Inledi Gok Tengriye, valadrel (2D)


Title: Kam Atam Inledi Gok Tengriye

Name: valadrel

Software: Photoshop

Submitted: 12th August 2016

“Kam” is equavalent of “Shaman” in Ancient Turkish which is often called “Göktürkçe/ Köktürkçe”. In this illustration Kam is shouting/singing to God (Gök Tengri/ Kök Tengri)
with a drum playing ceremony. Drum is the most important item in Turkish Shamanism and Ancient Turkish Shamans had used them mostly with incredible “Tuvan”
songs (which can be describe as singing without lyrics but with your vocal cords and throat muscles)

name of the work by the way:

Ancestor Shouted to God