Kaitlin Kunniki_ #DrawDecember Sketchbook thread


awww thankyou!! i’m glad you enjoyed them!! :smiley:


When i see something cute… i wna touch it and go BOOOP. hahahhaha

Drawcember day 8! little elf


Love your brushes and your drawings are very sweet! :smiley:


hahah thankyou!! :smiley: :smiley:


I like the colors! Kind and charming.


Very cute little elf! :slight_smile:


That is so very cute ! It’s too tiny to be hugged so I guess we’ll also have to touch it and go BOOP ! :smiley:


awww thankyou!!!


Thankyou!! :smiley: :smiley:


hahaha yea exactly!!! too tiny to be hugged. hahahhaha :smiley:


boop!! haha. I like your present! It has a nice shimmery look on the ribbon


hahahaha yea i find the sound effect BOOP really funny!
and thankyou!! glad you enjoyed my little drawings :smiley: