Kaitlin Kunniki_ #DrawDecember Sketchbook thread


hahahah thankyou!


Enjoying the simplicity in your images :slight_smile: That puppers is also super adorable!


haha, I’m glad you enjoy them! I’m also having lots of fun doing something different for this challenge. hahaha


These are so cute! Keep up the good work! =)


thank you so much! :smiley:


Very cute! And good colors.


thank you!! :smiley:


Day 5! Christmas cookie~


When i first saw your new piece the first thought that came to my mind was “We are eating Santa” ehehe


hahahahha Yea that actually kind of looks like we’re eating Santa! xD


Great! I like cookies.


Day 6! Christmas Wreath~


All of them look like holiday cards :love:


hahaha thanks!! thats good to hear!! :smiley: :smiley:


day 7! presents!!


fantastic wrapping


haha thanks!!


You’re making really cool stuff with that textured brush.
I like it very much and like chantellewalker said, it gives very well the visual of a Christmas card illustration.


hahaha thanks poseidon!
i’m glad that look like Christmas cards! I’m having lots of fun doing them!


I love these so much!! They have such a warm, classic feel that’s evocative of generations of illustrative Christmas art. I can’t wait to see more!