Kaitlin Kunniki_ #DrawDecember Sketchbook thread


Hi guys, will be creating this thread for my drawdecember uploads! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Make sure to say hey to other challengers and share your work as you go on your social network for better odds!

Good Luck!


Thanks Travis! :smiley:


Day 1 : Winter!

What do you guys think of when someone says Winter? I’ve personally never experience winter or snow before. Hoping to have the chance one day!


Day 2! Santa claus!
here comes santa claus~ here comes santa claus~ right down Santa Claus Lane~

I love christmas!


That snowman is so cute. Good choice on the blue background for Santa, it really makes him stand out.


haha thankyou!!


Really like your pieces. Sure have that winter feeling :slight_smile:
Would love to have thoses as a Christmas card.


ahah Christmas all the way! nicepainting style


haha thankyou! That’s good to hear!


haha yea!! Christmas all the way!
and thank you! :smiley:


Cute snowman!


Looks like cute postcards, nice work!


Thankyou! :smiley:


haha thankyou! :smiley:


Day 3! Gingerbread man.


Keeping good! You should make a small bit missing, like a bite, ehehe


Oh yea!! that’s a good suggestion! Would make it look really cute haha


Day 4! if only i have a dog :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahaha! Very funny and cute :slight_smile: