Kabuki Chick (game rez -eventually) -David Mack Concept


Ok this will be game rezed eventually, I wanted to take that David Mack Kabuki statue that he did, game rez it and make it move. I really like the sculpture and hope I can do it justice.

Here is a start on the high rez, no shadows are rendered, this is just going to be used for a normal map.

OK this thread is going to be used as a tuturial for those of you who want to learn my process from the templar, if you want it (replies asking for a tutorial will make it more likely that this thread becomes a tutorial, because writing a tut is kind of a pain and I don’t want to unless people want to read it).

And be sure to include a special thanks to Alex H. for making his cgfx shaders freely available, which would make a tutorial like this possible!


4 Stars. Tutorial on cloth? Please! I think here legs are a tad big, but it looks good. Keep it up :slight_smile:


Me Want Your Tutorial :slight_smile:


holy macarel

I’ll take a tutorial… on anything that you do that model looks outstanging


Top quality modeling there. I for one would be very interested in a tutorial for this since I can’t make anything look that good on my own yet. I agree with the other poster about the legs looking rather big specifically around the kneecap area. I hope you go forward with the tutorial, keep up the good work.


This looks pretty impressive to me. If you can find the time to do one, I’d certainly enjoy any tutorial you produced.


Ok it seems like there is enough interest so I will go ahead and make this into a tut

STEP ONE: Gather your reference and set up image planes.

STEP TWO: Box model your base mesh, you are going to do a detail pass on this mesh, but don’t consider it throw away work, if you are smart about it you can use it as the base mesh for your game resolution character later on

STEP THREE: Detail Pass. Do a high resolution detail pass in either zbrush or mudbox, This will be used for your normal map, I will probably end up using image planes for the hair, but I thought it would be cool to have hair on the high resotion version for a spinny render later on.

More steps to come as the model progresses. Feel free to respond with questions/crits


Great work, keep it up please. I have a question. I suck at human bodies, because I don’t know where to start off. Do you start off with the basic shapes, then add the topology? Also, do you start at the torso, legs, arms what? Thanks :slight_smile:


Awsome start man. Here’s a few comments;

-Make the chin/jawline less pronounced, I would make the chin more pointy, but thats more personal preference.

-Make the legs longer by about half a head divided into the upper/ lower parts, again more of a personal preference.

-Watch out for the lower leg past the calf muscles, curving outwards.

Expecting more updates, keep going.


the game rez version of this is almost done, but I thought I would do some tweaks to the model, please guys let me know if this looks any better/worse

Kurosaki Ichigo, I generally box out the shapes, get the form I want then start detailing.


Very nice detailing and modelling, the belly button is very low thou, for a real life person anyway. I cant see the face too good, but the eyes look a bit small and streaky. OTT, good work, love the Kabuki series, really want to see this animated :thumbsup:


hey andrew!

wow! that looks awesome. great work.
no crits thus far.



Heh, I was hoping for a bit more detail in the tutorial than ‘Box model your base mesh.’ The model looks tremendous. Perhaps if you have time you could tell us more about how you go about doing the modeling itself.



The model is looking great. Very nice job with the anatomy, and good work on the details. I look forward to seeing her finished, and thanks for sharing the process for with us :slight_smile:


Here are some more sugestions.
P.S. If you dont like people editing your images, let me know and I’ll remove the paintovers.


wow, looking great.

She has one hell of a wedgie though. No matter how tight the pants, no ones ass crack is that deep and defined. It looks naked…the only way I could tell it wasn’t was because of the edge-line above her breasts. I would try to bridge the gap between her cheeks a bit so it looks more like stretched cloth.


Here is an update based on your crits, please let me know if this is looking any better

InKraBid: tried to move the belly button up some posted a close up of the face, tweaked the eyes some, glad you like it so far, thanks

abyss103: Thanks man.

Janthin: This tutorial is really more for people who requested a tut on how to do the game resolution cgfx shaders, like I had with my last model, the templar. I would be happy to maybe do a box modeling tutorial, but it will have to wait til my next model, that stage is pretty much done for this chick. If your curious on how to do real time in panel cgfx character shading which can be directly ported to game engine, then stay tuned for that!

phantomworkshop: Thanks, I will try to do more in depth tutorial stuff when it comes to the normal map baking and cgfx shading.

EnginesOfCreation: No I have no problem at all, I agree with your paintovers, thanks for taking the time to do them, I tried to get the model closer to your paintover, feel free to let me know if you think it needs to go farther.

Buzzy: Thanks, lol, yeah she does, but its in the reference I was using,wonder if I should change the model and make it less noticable http://csmoorestudio.com/DSCF1760.jpg

*removed some images for page load time


Looking real good. The three quarter view, above the knee on the outside still comes in rather harsh in my view. I would soften the transition a little more.

Here are some subtle mods I would suggest to finish her off nicely.


Ok here is a quick update, and a continuation of the tutorial

STEP FOUR: model and UV game resolution: Once you have a game res version of you model you need to UV it, since this is a next gen game resolution, a budget of 8000 tris is not excessive, That is what I am giving this character.
-I used the base mesh I made as a starting point, and surface snapped the new game resolution to the high res model. Unfold UVs comes in handy for UVing in maya7.

STEP FIVE: Bake Normal Maps.
-I generally do this in sections. One piece at a time, detatching parts of the game res mesh as necessary. The maya surface sampler does an awesome job at baking normal maps, be sure to hand manipulate your ENVELOPES, bake everything square (2048x2048 is what I use) and in tangent space.

*One very important footnote, if you want to use the maya surface sampler to bake maps from a dense high resolution mesh, scale both your high resolution model and your game resolution model up to 100 times the original size, you will get much faster bakes.

-combine the individual normal maps and clean up in photoshop


STEP SIX: Load CGFX plugin and get Shaders.
-Maya 7 comes with cgfx shaders already, you just need to load the plugin.

[color=white]-Now you need to download and load up some shaders [/color]

make a new cgfx material in your hypershade, then assign your material to your object. Now go into the attributes for that material, select open.

-you will need to download some shaders, or write your own opengl shaders for maya in order to get your cgfx materials to do anything. Here are some links to some nice cgfx shaders for maya 7.0

-(has a skin shader, and some others)

-(try the char_uber shader, it can pretty much do whatever you need).

-Now once downloaded, load the shader from the attribute editor by clicking open, then browsing to the files with the .cgfx extensions, the one in the shot is the skin shader.

-you can load, spec, color, environment cube maps, and normal maps from here. You can also use a light as an input, move the light and see the shading change in real time.

-Thanks for your input EnginesOfCreation, hope I followed it ok.