k5000 - Maximus


Hey guys,
I saw bunch of demos of Nvidia integration, like Tesla, etc, for fluids and dynamics.
i am looking forward to get k5000, but i wanted to know if and how to enable if not all but some features that nvidia showcases in Maya 2012/13 ? I have not really seen much documentation, or what not… If you have a link that shows how to do it, or may be know yourself, could you drop a line? thanks


here’s a good paper on how to do it…


a few notes though… this was before the K5000 was available.

and I am not sure a ‘workstation’ kepler version of tesla cards are yet available. The K10 overview sheet states it doesn’t support windows 7 (server only version?)… yet, their is a driver for the OS downloadable (kinda odd, not sure what to think about that).


Though the K20 looks to be planned for both workstation and server.

so, in all… what i would do (and am considering), is build a system with PCIe 3 support that has plenty of x16 lanes that may support a tesla k20 down the road.

however, i would (and probably will) try to contact nvidia about it and the use of the Keplers in a “maximus” configuration.


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