Jwad_drawcember sketchbook thread


Thanks. Working on things . Havn’t drawn for like 14 years (kids) . Nice to get back into things.


Day 11 … too much walking dead. Enjoy.



even though it’s fanart I can tell you’re already getting better at drawing faces! It looks like you’re more confident about it too :slight_smile:


Thanks …im working on it i want to do a huge piece.


Hi Jwad, I know how it is when someone has a long break of drawing.
It’s so hard to start again. I hope this challenge helps you to really find joy in it again.
Keep up the nice work. I like the dragon so far.


Thanks Roco. yeah its been a blast I’m really remembering why I love drawing so much. December 14th .


December 15th. Th-th-th- THE GRINCH.


Ok im loving adding color.my son requested yoshi. This is my take on him. Day 16 #drawcember


Go on like this, do not give up, you’re getting better.:slight_smile:


Thanks im gaining more confidence.


Chaotic batman suppose to be lose and messy.


The yoshi is very cool. A very interesting take on the character.


Jonah hex


Day 19 my version of robbie


Loved that Jonah Hex :smiley:


Thanks ran out if time to color him.


Change of pace something ive ne

ver drawn …plants.


plants are hard, but you’re off to a good start :slight_smile:


You’ve been drawing such an interesting variety of things. The flower is a nice change of pace.