Jwad_drawcember sketchbook thread


CANT wait.


Drew it in car going 70 returning home.


Something you saw on the road returning home?!.. ehehe


Day 2. Modrern take on sa



You forgot some tattoos :wink:


I was thinking of that too. Maybe a milk and cookies tat or a heart claus. haha.


Working out details for alien. Started off with jellyfish and squid look. Thought it would be fun to show my thumbnails and a nice detail finished drawing for day 4.


Day 4 I’m starting to try to get back into color. I’m really enjoying this challenge as a person who did art for his whole life I stopped when I had kids. My kids who all do art are like wow you can draw, I’m like where did you think you got it from silly. I will challenge myself to color all my images from now on. Its what I feel I need to improve most on. thanks for looking.



Frightening design. Good.


Thanks for looking.



Day 6 not sure why its not loading.


Day 7 Inspired by Geoff Darrow. Love that guy. Im really proud of this one.


Nice robot :).
I hope you were a passenger in that car driving for the zombie drawing. It’s a bit of a challenge drawing when your surroundings are bumping and shaking and turning all unpredictably :p. Turned out pretty well too.


Interesting day 6! Liked the lines you made on the whale.


Ok so story if you had powers from Nuclear accident (ie. Marvel) imagine being super strong or with power but you got radiation poisoning. Day 8 pic sorry little late i had work and jury duty.


Day 9 my favorite under used villain from Batman Two-Face. Pencil and Ink.


Day 10 anime pirate.


I like the effort on your pirate! Interesting weapon / item he has.