Just went to GDC and...


I LOVED IT :slight_smile:

Steve from ubisoft ROX, hes a blast to talk to, and all the other game companies that i talked to with my list of questions while i was down there. There were even a few people i met at discreets party who were VERY helpful. Everyone down there wanted to talk and share tips on how to break into the games industry, the second i hit the expo floor i felt like a kid in a carnival.

I think i learned more about the way the game industry works in those 3 days then i have in my entire time at ITT. The things you learn at that conferance are invaluable.

There is also a LOT of nice girls in the city, i hooked up with a girl on thursday… lets just say i wish she lived here :), not good looking nice… but good looking smart nice etc.

That and i went clubbing friday night, i had to leave right before the 11:30 showing that i was hearing about at discreets party. Anyone have info on that?

So that was my experience, anyone else want to share thiers? Next year im going down there with the pass that gives you access to lectures the serious games summit and as much as i can get for under 1k, better start saving now i guess :), overall though the place was a blast, i wish i lived down there… i really do :frowning:

Gary Heberling


I am a student. who got lucky enough to be invited by Softimage to work the booths and such. I was at the ATI booth and Intel booth demoing XSI. I got to talk to people from all areas of game development and other areas also. I got sound guys, programmers, artist, freelance, students, producers, managers, presidents, VPs, teachers, and directors. I too learned more about the industry in a week than i have at school or online.

I went to informal dinners with many people I look up to. I also met many people at the Softimage part at the Metreon. Over all i talked to Valve, Pandemic, ILM (i know not game dev), mythic ent., criterion renderware, SCEA, some cool discreet guy ,5 AWESOME employees of Blizzard, and last but not least all of the Softimage crew.

before GDC i was kinda stuck between concentrating on film or game industry. i have decided to concentrate on games.

i had a great time



I remember you, i talked to you at the ati booth.

I as the blond who was so interested in the final gather lighting that you were doing (that and the ut2k4 stuff)

Being at sessions like that gave me an idea for how to do this design iv had stuck in my head for awhile :wink:


lol i remember. i was FG lighting the Unreal demo character. which obviously showed how easy it was to setup FG.

awesome good to hear from ya.


Hmmm. Well, Have you ever played ‘SHADOWBANE’? Steve, one of the guys behind that game, didn’t do too great of a job with that game, sadly. So- when looking at his tips- read between te lines and truly see what he had to say. (( By the way, Shadowbane is going down the tube ))

I have so much envy. Only if I could afford to actually fly, and see those people. Pure envy. Insert long and dramatic sigh


GDC was quite fun this year. It was my first year going. Who knows, I might have inadvertantly come across one or two of you guys somewhere along the lines. Either way, would have been cool to have met some of you guys. I didn’t get a chance to check out much of the independant games, but I did meet some pretty cool people along the road.

Look forward to meeting some of you guys at next years GDC, or even Siggraph this year.


I was on the Claytools demo booth (those funky sculpting arms) modelling beholders from dungeons and dragons all day.

I had a blast.

Learned a lot from Kelcey Privetts Max speech. That girl knows waaaaaaaaay too much about max.

What is it with GDC’s and bad food? No matter where we go there is a culinary dead zone around it. :frowning:


David’s right about the food, I couldnt help but be grossed out by those wraps they served on Wednsday BLEH.

Anyhoo, who remembers the normal mapping session? remember the last one of the conference. The one where we basically spent our time and money to let some guy with tourrettes punch us in the nuts literally and figurativley.


I think I was at that one. I couldn’t find a lecture to go to, so I figured I would check one out on normal mapping. I went, and even though I use Maya it woudl have seemed somewhat relevant. After I went there, the guy seemed like he had no idea what he was doing, outside of what he was trying to show. I was kind of disappointed, even if it was in 3ds Max.

Was kind of funny though watching him try and figure out an answer to someones question.

As for the food, it was OK, although on Monday, I happened to get the worst food ever. We got out of the Massive Data Sets tutorial a little late and all that was left at the lunch table was vegetarian. Worst sandwich ever.


I don’t bother with GDC anymore… not worth the money. I have learned a couple cool things but the last 2 years of attending were so lamn that I stopped going… plus, you can download the keynotes and important industry stuff.

But… when I was a new to the industy I enjoyed GDC too… so maybe you just out grow it after a while.


heh, yep Spater,

I remember you walking out and announcing that punch in the nuts comment!

I was somewhat dissapointed too… I had expected a lot more from that tutorial. I tend to think one should read the manual and help files and perhaps read some net tutorials before going up infront of an audience. Still it was very funny show, so you gotta give him that!

Kelceys max tips was really awesome. Every time I see her I must walk away 10% faster in max than before. kewl.


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