Just this last job, Filip Novy (3D)


Fantastic work! Love it!


The image looks awesome. Very nice characters



Great modelling and render! love it!


You’ve done a fantastic job with this piece. Even without the background story one could begin to imagine the intricacies of the characters’ relationship. Super job on the shaders/lighting/composition.

:applause: Defo a top row candidate…


Beautiful Work!! She has a great 1980’s retro look about her. It’s probably the eye makeup reminding me of Daryl Hannah’s character in Bladerunner


Thank you guys, I am very happy you like it


That is really excellent piece of art! The picture by itself says about name.
Very impressive models (pose, glare) and textures!


Your work is UBER COOL!!! 1st page stuff man!


Great character concept, render rocks as well!
This should be plugged imho…


Would you be so kind to share some WIP information whit us. Perhaps light and shader setup…


jiiihaaa what a great Work :buttrock:


Hey, thank you for your interest guys, Im pleased you like it.

Here are some more wip screens if anyone is interested:

screenshot from max viewport

and some stuff about lights, not too detailed, but details are not too interesting, its basicaly just MR sky sun, with some photometric lights around, every light have just some color and intensity setup.

For materials, I used mostly arch and design material with various settings and a lot of textures fro each part. For skin I used Master zap skin shader+ - I love that shader!

I can make some materials breakdown when I ll get home today If you are interested.

Thanks for your comments!



Very good. I like it


Fantastic work.

Out of nerdish curiousity, how long did it take you to create?


Liked the texture and light. good job. :slight_smile:


Impressive! Establishing these two new characters and their relationship just through one image and a wonderful short story is a really credible job! The sculpting and texturing works are amazingly detailed and I especially liked the costume design for fixie.Great work and hat’s off to your friends too for their wonderful support! :beer:


Whoa, that’s pretty awesome. I love her dreads and overall suit details. It reminds me of the Mass Effect cinematics slightly, which is a compliment. :slight_smile:


Awesome! great detaills, great colors and mood…congrats


Thank you guys for your kind words, It makes my heart smile :wink:

to AJ: Hey, I was working on it only at my free time thru nights after returning from my dayli job, so it takes longer time to finish anything, I started this one like 5 months ago? something like that, but im very lazy sometimes :). Im happy you like it, thank you!

to MrPositive: Hi, Its definitely huge compliment for me, thank you very much:)


wow wow WOW! AMAZING WORK, one of my favorites. Did you start off sculpting them on Z Brush first? what was your process on forming them. I just started doing 3D and am having a difficult time forming my models. Again though really really great job.