Just Screw, Emmanuel Serratrice (3D)


Title: Just Screw
Name: Emmanuel Serratrice
Country: France
Software: Maya, mental ray

Hello all!!! For this image I used Mental Ray > for lighting I used a map HDRI coupled to Final Gather, light a bump (can be to re-examine besides) for the screws. And, to finish, I regulated the depth of field (DOF). Your comments are always welcomes.


nice image :slight_smile: but I think the DoF is a bit to grainy in the background…


Well, since the commmentaires are all steps badly whole (ye ye I insist!).JOKE!!!
I’ll post a new “test screws”.
For info : The depth of field is to regulate with the "lenses Dof Shader " clean with mental ray that I linked with my camera. Then I modified the bump (less coarse but not of too!!) then, the ground where there I have carry out some tests of which I awaits criticisms besides…
I’ll hope you like it!!


you should rework the “phillips head” slot in the screws. I have personally never seen one where it is flat such has you have it. If you look at the tip of any screwdriver, you will notice that it is pointwd, and thus your indentation should be. If you working on an image as simple as this you need to make sure that you don’t overlook ANY detail as it will show up SO much more in the render. I think you should remodel the screws and make them the way they should look honestly. When I looked at the 2nd image, the threads don’t look anything like they would on a screw such as this. I don’t see how you overlooked that unless your goal is not for realism. It just feels like a major lack of attention to dteail in your image.


Well, fine reports itsallgoode9:thumbsup: .

And my response in picture :slight_smile: :


Besides the philips head being inaccurate the threads look lumpy and there is a kind of dimpled texture on all surfaces that seems unrealistic. If anything there would be fine and even concentric toolmarks rather like scratches. Screws are made by machine tools, the threads are perfect helixes and surfaces are very smooth.


Lil’ new render.

PS : I’ ve exaggerated voluntarily the stripes.


looking much better so far. The thread still need redone though. Yours look like an auger bit. Threads on a wood screw like yours have a center “core” or “post” with the threads spiraling around that core. Yours looks like the metal just has been twisted. Also the slot for the screwdriver would be a little bit deeper.


wow… i didnt think i could be impressed by screws :stuck_out_tongue:

nice detail and not all “shiny and new” i hate those, and you actually have an enviro of the sort. nice :slight_smile:


Thanks for all youre comments !! :slight_smile:
And this a variation of screws just for pleasure…
I’ve changed the floor and model of screws (choose your’s)…
That’s all for this thread i think i’m finished with this thread…
Hope you like my last render…


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