Just placed my order for C4D


:bounce: I just got off the phone with Rafi (she was very nice/helpful) at Maxon, and placed my order for the studio bundle! I wasn’t planning on getting it just yet. But they had a good deal going this month + you guys got me really excited about C4D + I just checked out the latest 3D Attack issue…
Who could resist :love:

Thats all… Just had to tell you guys.


Ah yes… I remember it well… twas a fine summers day:cool: … the birds were singing, and there was a smell of freshly cut grass… that cup of fine tea…that decision… the weighing up of the commitment… placing the order… ignoring the dent to the finances… the looong wait… looking at the Maxon website :drool: just to verify the decision, and stimulate the appetite for the tools arriving… finally, :bounce: the joy at receiving the huuuge package (XL for me… the anticipation as I unpacked 6" of manuals (with Bodypaint) an the stack of silver discs… ahhhhhhhh, bliss! :love:

Enjoy - it’s a fine choice!


Here is the future, well done :wink:


Best investment you’ll ever make.



I really appreciate the reassurance, guys! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hopefully I will be able to start contributing around here pretty soon.

Kromekat – :applause: You are so accurate it is scary!!!
Ok…back to Maxon’s site :drool: and more waiting…


Yes its a good choice - kromekat - yes it does sound famiar to me also except ehen i received mine it arrived in the smallest package ever - just the CD’s no box - its cos i upgraded from 6, i found out after that i had to pay an extra £50 for the manuals, anyway no problem who needs manuals - now how do i apply a texture to a cube anyone, anyone - no, hmm


Welcome aboard Chris.

You’ve made a good decision. Looks like Wes and I may have to put together a Tennessee User’s Group meeting. (Don’t tell Wes though…we’ll just all show up at his house) tee hee.



Welcome to the fold.


Welcome on board. I exactly know how it feels, waiting for the first smell of the freshly folded card box, where all of this cozy stuff is packed in smoothly and firmly… I hope my girlfriend won’t read this, all of it sounding almost like cheating her. :slight_smile: Have fun with it.


You will have so much fun :slight_smile:



Great choice you’ve made, you won’t regret even a minute! :thumbsup:



Thanks guys :slight_smile: This is a great community!

Gary- That would be cool! And I’m sure Wes will not mind if a few of us from outside Nashville crash at his place for a day… or two :thumbsup:


cool…another one…
gotta agree when you get it…its like BIG GRIN time…
anyways hope you enjoy yourself which is the main thing really…and post some funky stuff…its not a decision you’ll regret…i never did…ever…not even i maybe…No doubt in my mind…heh heh.


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