Just need to speak


Hi there, i am litterally bursting from the inside needing to rant to artists about my recent experience, I wont go through my whole life story but i just wanted to share a little about what recently happened to me and how ive been feeling about it etc … I guess in the hope that someone can relate. Im not after feedback or sympathy etc if thats what your thinking, oh hell, here goes,

I am a bit of an intense person, perfectionist in a way, completely blunt and uncaring in others. anyway of late ive had some free time and been wanting to do some drawing. After a few weeks of mulling around on the daily sketch forum and realizing i want to learn more and paint halfhearted efforts less, i found myself at a book stand buying imaginefx’s latest piece of how to draw fluff … needless i bought it thinking that the perfect sollution to figure drawing had now been purchased and in a few months id be drawing people like a pro. Anyway i started working on drawing using the book as my guide and had been doing so for a number of days when i just seemed to hit a brick wall. In fact i kinda hit the wall the first day i picked it up but hadnt realised yet. I started working on the first excersise of the book / video with the “______” figure drawing method, it was great, and i drew i think my best figure the first sketch i did following along with the video. after reading a bit more of the book and not really finding anything new, i ewnt back to the first video and drew the same figure about half a dosen times, by this time i was getting really excited as i managed to pull off to pretty much professional standard (well looking) drawings of the human form… I was being built up so much at this point, feeling great and sky high. Anyway i kept reading the book looking for the next tid bit, the next excersise, the next … something! But surprise surprise, it wasnt there!!! :sad: I couldnt believe it, after feeling so great about a book, to be slapped in teh face so hard with the notion that this thing was pretty much a road block towards decent training on the subject and id wasted $20 Australian dollars and maybe 5 hours of my life.

ok so on with the good bit…

I started hounding the net for some info on the subject, which ive done many times before but never with this much vigor and low and behold, after, 8 hours, 10 Ciggies, a massive stint on Amazon.com looking for books and one hell of a headache, i found myself right back at CGS.

the figure drawing forum here looks like it has everything ive been looking for and more.

so time to de stress, take my time and soak up the goodness!

Thanks CGS u Rock! oh and everyone involved in this forum of course.


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