Just Married, Sedova Elena (2D)


Title: Just Married
Name: Sedova Elena
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

First I had drawn a kangaroo
.than I thought that’s something missing here and I decided to add 2 young ugly creatures in there ) Step-by-step article about how it was created you can see on my web page www.krolikov.net/tutor_en.html
By the way, the dream of my whole live to go to Australia and stay there )

>> Hi resolution image <<


ah ah funny pic, i love it :smiley:


Yeah, great and funny pic.

Does he has his left foot on the ground? Doesn’t look like it… 'cos I can’t see a shadow like everywhere else.

I definately would make a bubblebath out of that belly :smiley:


Looks funny! Poor Kangaroo daddy!


hehe, dads don’t have pouches dude,…

nice pic! hope you can fulfill your wish, I’ll shout you a few beers when you get here!



I just enjoyed the humour~
And the facial expressions are just great!

Am I guessing right if I say it’s showing a Russian social problem?
(Not really a Russian problem alone, as it also happens in lots of other countries as well: kids getting married even before they can take care of themselves…)

Anyway: I just love Mommy(or is it Daddy?)'s expression~


hahahah~~~very funny! I like it very much!:smiley:


I like your idea! Very funny pic!


That’s amazing. I like the style, color, end sense of humor.


Excellent pix. Great website also, I love the colours. BTW how’s this for a cool Roo swimsuit http://www.australianinfront.com.au/


Superb illustration…I like it a lot, expressions on thier faces are so cool! Nice tutorial on your site, btw, I want to move to Australia too so maybe we will meet one day there!:buttrock:

Dreams are wings that help us soar above the clouds - remember that!


Прикольно!:thumbsup: Классная картинка!

Твой кошак - прыгун на лампочки, у меня долгое время на рабочем столе висел. Теперь это будет.:smiley:



Просто класс :slight_smile: Действительно, почему до сих пор нету на libo.ru? :wink:


Nicely painted and hilarious!!


brilliant! I like the style, pose, finish and of course the humour!:slight_smile:


Professional work. I’d expect to see work of this quality in Time or newsweek. :thumbsup:


Very, very nice work. The left foot does need to be grounded though.


Haha :smiley: Very funny, especially the expressions on the 2 little kangaroos faces.

Your site looks cool too. I thought I recognize this style, you also did the Crazy cat illustration right?


Hahaha. Great picture, this one definitely jumped out at me first thing when I was browsing through the artwork. And thanks for the link to how you did it:)


:smiley: :thumbsup:Excellent!!
I love your cartoony style & your humor! Great job!