Just Joined The XSI World - Officially!


Hey SI’ers!

Thought I’d drop in and say “Hi!”

It’s been a while since I participated in the Softimage forum. I was using EXP off and on for the last couple of years but ended up buying LightWave because at the time the price was right and I couldn’t pass up the Digital Fusion bundle deal. XSI is extremely nice but the pricetag wasn’t.

But thanks to the recent XSI price cuts I’ve just placed my order for Foundation! One day perhaps I can upgrade to Essentials (or to dream - Advanced). Hope to get the parcel in a couple of weeks but apparently I can download the licensed version upon authorization from Avid. Can’t wait to get into it and all those DVDs!

I plan to continue to use LW and incorporate XSI into my workflow. Hopefully DFX+ can be used w/ XSI for compositing.


Welcome aboard mate :thumbsup:

Don’t forget to leave time to go through those DVD’s. I’ve been watching them for what seems like days, and I’ve only just got onto the second one :smiley:


you know the sound your mouse made when you clicked on the checkout button?
that was the sound of inevitability.



Hey welcome dude (officially and all heh !) We need more signal here anyway… :smiley:


You crack me up Raffaele :slight_smile:



welcome my friend :deal:


It’s going to take weeks for you to get your package? Was there an option for like 3 day service or something? Just curious, cause I want to get it but I don’t feel like waiting weeks…

What’s this download thing you mention? Full version?


power where are you mines only took a week after ordering


according to the Avid site, they aren’t starting shipping until August 16th


From the Softimage Store page:

“Please Note: This product will only start shipping the week of August 16th, 2004. Upon purchase, you can download, install, register and start using XSI Foundation immediately!”


Welcome, yet another LightWave user adding XSI to their toolset :slight_smile:

Hmm interesting that you can download and run a version already… I wonder how they set that up without the dongle.


i was gonna buy it - but then i realised i dont have a credit card and they dont accept paypal :frowning:


AFIAK the new low price foundation version doesn’t have a dongle, it only runs off a serial number. i guess that was one way to cut it’s cost…:slight_smile:


its probably the same as the demo i just downloaded - when i started it up it asked me to enter a serial number or continue evaluation


When I got home from work there was an email from Softimage waiting for me with my order confirmation and serial number. However when I got to download Foundation via the link provided in the email I get a message that I’m not authorized to do so. Maybe it takes a while for it to get all set?

[EDIT] After a bit of Doom III and near cardiac arrest I took a break to try downloading Foundation again. It worked! 178MB later and I’ll be XSI’ing! :slight_smile:


Im glad to see more and more people changing to xsi latelly, since I started out as a softimage 3d user it is kind of frustrating to see maya and 3dsmax win terrain ( Im a 3dsmax user too) but with so many cool stuff in latest realeases of xsi I`m sure we will see the community grow faster each day to come. I feel at hoome again :smiley: Welcome bro…

By the way:

is the_jaco raffaele from xsi base?? or just a coincidence in names ?? just curious.


Did you registered as a user ( with your license) allready? in order to download anything from softimage you must have a valid user name and password,for the free stuff you can create a user name without any other requisite but to download the software or any other priced stuff you need to create a user with the license info, once you have that user name you can use it to download upgrades and so on ( until you need to pay for a mayor upgrade)


They are actually 2 guys with similar sounding names - Raffael Dickreuter who runs xsibase and Raffaele (note the ‘e’) Fragapane who’s the_jaco here and on the base.

Although rumour has it no-one has ever seen them in the same room together :wink:


He’s superman :wink:

Welcome Signal To Noise,hope you have as much fun using xsi as most of us do.


Here’s another new XSI’er :slight_smile:

Can’t wait til I get those DVD’s