Just friends, Marcos de Moraes Sampaio (3D)


Title: Just friends
Name: Marcos de Moraes Sampaio
Country: Brazil
Software: Modo, Photoshop

I created this image as a personal study based on this image by Arthur de Pins:


I always loved Arthurs style and Im glad I finally had time to make a 3D version of his girls. I didnt make significant changes to his version, my goal was to respect most of the original design, and just adapt a few details like lighting and add a little environment. Here is the link to Arthurs website were you`ll find more of his amazing work :


BTW, found out after posting that the original title of this image is “Dare to be a lesbian”


Congrats for the front page
The adaptation to 3D Its effective and warm

No real critics, if you have time I appreciate a wireframe since it help me a lot to improve my models.

Keep the good work :applause:


Very nice. :smiley:


Very nice translation to 3D. I love the style.


Really nice adaptation of de Pins’ wonderful style into 3D. Congrats on the front page!


Great image, very funny :slight_smile:


wonderful modelling i like it very very much but i love it the title is very funny lol :thumbsup:
5 star for this work


WOW! You catch the expression!
Cool idea and lovely realization!


Everything is top notch! :smiley: Congrats for the frontpage!


Fantastic work in all aspects!

What I like most tho are the expressions and forms…simply outstanding! I think you surpassed the original artwork (looking on the attached 2d artwork) - incredible…

I think this is one of the best concept art translation into 3d models/render.

Top notch!



Funny !!! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


A perfect job in every field.


When I saw this concept, I liked so much. I am very happy to see their 3D models :wip:


Fantastic work!!!


Beautiful !
I love Arthur De Pins characters et you really succeed in adapting them to 3D.
It’s perfect ! Congratulations :applause:


caraca! ficou mto animal. adorei os modelos!!! mto natural as poses!! abraçao


I love Arthur de Pins & you’ve done an absolutely fantastic job capturing his style in 3d. The face of the woman on the right is absolutely perfect!

The only things I think that could be slightly tweaked are the shape of the girl’s mouth on the left, which could be a little more pouting on the bottom lip & the contact of the fingers on the leg - I like that you’ve followed the source incredibly closely but in the sketch the shadow lets us know that it’s the tips of the fingers which loses some transaltion in 3d.

I feel ridiculous even posting the above comments as there’s no way I could hope to do such a great job & you should be incredibly proud of what you’ve done :smiley:


Wow, the hair looks so good man! Any chance you could give a little info on your technique for that?


very nice work :slight_smile:


Thank you so much everyone, Im really glad to see so many kind words!!! And specially CG society for the front page!!! Ill post the wire frames as soon as I have some time. (working like crazy today)

AJ - Thanks a lot! I see what you mean, specially when it comes to the fingers touching the leg. What happened there was that it was impossible to keep the shape and position of the hand and still make it touch the leg as it does in the 2D image. I had to choose adjusting the position of the hand or keep the position and let it touch the leg differently.

Polaroid29 - Sure, Ill post some info on it with the wires, but its actually pretty simple. Just some extruded polygonal stripes with bump and displacement maps. The maps look like blurried barcodes.

Sorry for my bad english, I`m a bit out of practice :stuck_out_tongue: