just a little argument on colour


k im having a little dispute with a certain colourblind individual on the colour of bobbys goggles. ( they are the next thing to be textured )

for the purpose of this test, i cant tell you what the individual thinks…or what i think myself…i have to see whether its him thats colourblind…or me.


looks kinda peach, very light orangeish fleshy tone here shrug


Originally posted by underdog
looks kinda peach, very light orangeish fleshy tone here shrug

likewise :wink:


Hey man, I’m in the peachy pink camp to… It has Pantone 163c written all over it.

What colour does your nameless advisary think it is ?





Peach, close to a skin tone.


Peach, near the skin tone (baby)


peachy-skin, with a little bit of salmon on top :smiley:




It’s not GI blue??? … blink**blink … golly, it is a peach color. :slight_smile:


Peach. Definately peach. I used to do alot of comic coloring. I like color, that color is peach.

I KNOOWWWW you had to be the one that said peach martin. You are too much of a genius to be wrong. Hehe.

BTW Martin: You rock, I don’t: is there the slightest possibilty that I can see a pic of bobby in wireframe, without extra smoothing? Cuz I am still not understanding all this shnot.

Drew Haynes


Silly Puddy.
That is what it looks like to me.


GREEN TOO !:smiley:


What the shnot? If you are serious, I am going to have to come down there and kick ur butt. Hehe. J/k.



hm… I’d say peach if I didn’t know it better :smiley:


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