Just a goblin. Relearning digital painting.


Hi all. I’ve been out of the business for a while, tried a different career, didn’t work out. SO relearning digital painting after a 5ish year break. My style is very, painterly because physical media is my norm. Recently went thru a divorce so I’m living in an 8x8 with a T.V. as a monitor , no scanner and but a mouse.

First up just a random page from my pocket sketchbook. Not perfect, but good enough to practice on.

Nothing too detailed, he’s maybe in a dungeon about to step on a trap. The legs still are first pass, trying to get a feel for the skin tone. The lightsource is just ambient, think dungeon. I will add some defined lighting on another pass after all the color is in. And of course warts, veins, and hair and such is still to come… Feel free to critique whatever, I can always use opinions. Cheers! and happy art making.