Just a few questions about Photoshop CS


I just bought Photoshop CS on Ebay and I just have a few questions.
Is it as good as Photoshop 7 where painting pictures are concerned? i just got a Wacom and I am starting to get into making a lot of Digital Paintings.

Also the requirments for it are 192 mb of ram and i only have 128 ( I plan on upgrading) does anyone know if I will be able to get it running on my comp until I get a more ram? of course I imagine that if I could get it running it would probably run super slow.

People! in one day on Ebay I bought Photoshop CS and Painter 8 for less then $300!!!
I think that’s good.


CS is the new version of PS 7, so it should be better.

Only you will be able to tell if your machine is up to it, but with 128 you will find it slow unless your working on very small images, if it works at all.

Just beware of buying stuff on ebay, you may find that someone else has registered your software before you bought it and you wont be able to upgrade. Check with customer services first.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Thanks You!


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