Just A Car, Icobet Vlad (3D)


Title: Just A Car
Name: Icobet Vlad
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max

Hello to all !

This is my first poly concept car. I used Max 7 for modeling and Mental Ray for rendering. I’ve been working in max for e few months so i’m just a begginer and C & C are mostly wealcome. If someone knows good tutorial sites…please let me know :), i love working in this modeling program so i want to learn as much as possible.


DUDE! It’s awesome for just a few months!!! I love it even if you were a MAX-vet!!! ROCK ON!


I cant figure it out. Must be really smooth lines. Do you have any more perspectives, and a wire? :argh:


Ah, you put some reflections on the paint, many new people miss that. I sure wouldn’t want to hit any bumps in that car, the wheels would jam into the fender well and I would also have a hard time turning on the blinkers :slight_smile: I think some other views of the car along with wireframes would help because I am not sure where the left door is…I can see the one on the car’s right side but the one on the left seems missing…perhaps it is just the washed out white color.

I realize you were probably focused on the car, but some scenary would be nice. Hope this helps.


some parts of your car and the scene in general is way to overexposed, i like the shape of the car, but i agree that some parts seem to be missing, love the rim design.


This is a really slick design for someone new to the task. You have a hell of a lot of talent. I look foreward to seeing more of this car, and whatever else you come up with.


Nice car.

But, the background is too white, it is even burned. I sugest you to make a dome, with a grey color, and put the car in middle.
For a beginner is a great job. Put some more shots.



First, i want to thank you all for replying.
Second, here are 2 other shot of the car…

Thanks 4 c & c ! Please send some more ! :slight_smile:


uhm,i don’t understand… i’m lookin’ on your picture for a few minutes and can’t see anything, don’t know if it’s just overlighted or what,there are doors on the left side or what? front hood is… or isn’t … ? ? ? … post some more angles plz and CLAY if possible… cause,i just see nothing there:shrug:


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