Junk Scout, Taehoon Oh (3D)


Title: Junk Scout
Name: Taehoon Oh
Country: USA
Software: Maya

This vehicle started from the no specific concepts but bunch of junks. I was inspired from the animation “Howl’s moving castle”.

I put many different styles’ objects and textures around the main scout shape. and the Junk scout was born.

Now it has it’s own style… Enjoy…


hi there , love the concept. great modeling and lighting although i dont think the render shows off the model to well…

great stuff though…

no replies sucks !


Awsome style man, i really like the design a lot!
Keep it up!

GrtZ, Tim


nice work :slight_smile:

the background planet can be improved, looks washed out. Some more color and atmosphere around the planet can be added.


Nice concept,congratz man!


Really Really nice work !


Thanks. good friends.

Here are some more shots…


“Junk Scout”


Good feedback… I will add more atmosphere effects for next shots.



I agree with you Bearfoot… I have weaker lighting and rendering than texture.

I’ll keep it up.



I like how you are able to make something entirely 3D (the model at least) into a matte-painting lookalike.


lol nice work man


I really love the idea of putting somethings together to make a unique concept. I love the textures of your model a lot and also I really like the materials choices :thumbsup:

Can you post some of the texture maps, materials setup and if possible…some wires for the vehicle without the textures on it [just the model with the default material on it]!

Keep up



Hehe… I’m not good at compositing. and this private project, I spent more conern on textures. I’m thinking of re_rendering and re_compositing with other angle… hehe.

Thanks for your feedbacks



Pretty solid work man



I like this construction. A nice addition to the steampunk genre. Your textures show up better in the second from bottom pic of your “some more shots”.


Really cool looking. That’s a solid piece of work. Congratz


Outch !! Great stuff man !!!


I love this :smiley:

  • Ty


Great design dude! Nice textures!!!


The design & concept are fabulous. Texture is amazing.

Still the shadow & lighting doesn’t feel like space to me!! it should be more sharper & contrast I think.

Excellent job …

Best of luck