Jungle Monster, Jonas Skoog (3D)


Title: Jungle Monster
Name: Jonas Skoog
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

This Image was created for 3DTotal.com as part of a tutorial series called “ZBRUSH MONSTER: Character Creation” and can be read in 3DCreative Magazine issue 67 now in March.

In the article I explain how this monster was created from concept to final render.

Hope you like!


Great creature design…very HP Lovecraft!



I like everything but the wings, they look a bit too flat/perfect…


Very nicely done.

Congrats on getting in the mag.

Maybe only crit would be to vary up the hand shapes a bit. They feel like they are twinning.


Hey Jonas, awesome work!!


Excellent design. well-done but as Skoglund said the wings are kinda flat imho.


Very nice! Will be checking that tutorial on 3dCreative.


wow, very good design. Very creative, well done.


This almost feels like a painting to me. You’ve put complementary colours to good use and the composition is excellent. Nice work.


Lovecraft is the first thing that came to mind. Nicely done though I agree with the comments on the wings.


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