Jungle, Martin Huisman (3D)


Title: Jungle
Name: Martin Huisman
Country: Netherlands

Rendered in Terragen 2
Terrain is entirely procedural.

Image contains around 1 million grass-instances and 0.5 million trees of several different species.

A 1920x1080px version can be found here:

Thanks for stopping by again, crits, comments etc. are always welcome.



now thats what I call CG environment! 5 star work.
just a little question…is fog particles or image?



The clouds are 3D volumetric, so yes…particles more or less.
All elements, except for models, are procedural.



again, great work on this piece…

Bascially everything is pretty good, but I just wish the fog can be better, especially on its transparency setting… a fog that thick shouldn’t be that transparent in my opinion


Thanks for your comment.

The cloud-pattern is fractal-based and controlling a very uniform density isn’t very easy at this rather small scale.

I think the density (transparency you call it) isn’t that bad, but I can imagine your thoughts about it. I think water-vapor, which fog actually is, could look very well like this.
Maybe it’s just a matter of taste.



hey man. very impressive job.
Image is very clear and detailed. but if there are clouds then the clouds are gray, should have been a little more bright and with increased step details. and if its fog than a little blue color could have added nice touch. :slight_smile:

And u r right. mostly it depends on personal taste. :slight_smile:



As I said over at the Planetside Forums: Awesome work.

  • Terje


very cool man!


Amazing… great render :thumbsup:


Real eye-catcher!
What’s the render time of something like this, esspecially in 1920x1080px??
Im working on a short animation where I need lots of green and exotic woods and what not.


Thank you all :slight_smile:


This scene is all but optimized for animation. Therefore this image took 19 hours to render.
Especially the quality settings contribute to the rather long rendertime. However, significant improvements have been made and can be expected in the future.

My estimation for an animation of something like this @ 1920x1080px under optimised conditions would be around 7-8 hours / frame on a quadcore-workstation.
If you’re really interested to know I can try to find out.



great work…
how u renderd such huge scene??



The clouds are 3D volumetric, so yes…particles more or less.

Volumetric materials and particles aren’t remotely the same thing.

But as cold as it sounds for me to say that, this is easily the best foliage-related Terragen image I’ve ever seen! Amazing work. Looks far better than Vue or (sigh) Bryce, for example, and it’s an amazing feat you’ve accomplished here. I could never push a scene like that through Maya, for example, and I daresay nobody else could either.

I’d put off Terragen for years due to its lack of foliage / control, but perhaps it’s “ready” now? Other than the impossible animation renders, it’s amazing to behold and thank you very much for sharing! I’m off to check out Terragen’s instancing and see how it works…


Thanks for your kind comment :slight_smile:

I know partices aren’t remotely the same like volumetrics :slight_smile:

Terragen is in the latest stage of development for final release. I know that sounds familiar but the Staff told it’s finally really coming :slight_smile:
If you’re going to check Terragen, which you should really do! then I’d advice you to visit the user-board.
You can find lots more impressive work there and especially a tremendous amount of resources for learning and using Terragen 2 and many other stuff, altogether with a very helpful userbase. Me included :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.



…and I’m off to check out the Terragen user boards as you suggested, but my main concern is stability. Do you find Terragen to be stable at this point? Did it crash often while you were creating this scene?

Vue, for example, is so unstable that it’s unusable, and certainly not “production-ready” by any means. I’d really like an alternative to Vue for outside landscape scenes, since most of my “artwork” is of that nature, but TG1 didn’t cut it. Thanks for sharing again, this gives me some hope still, and perhaps all those unfinished scenes I’ve been working on in Maya & Vue may still someday be finished! I’d gladly switch to Terragen (even though for years I called it “Barrengen” in a heartbeat for the sake of stability alone, not to mention beautiful renders like this one.


Yes, previous versions were sometimes very unstable. Unlike Vue Terragen’s nature isn’t very unstable, but if you use some wrong settings you might get in trouble.
So that’s a matter of knowledge and experience you’ll certainly find at the board.

As long as you set things up correctly, especially memory-wise, TG is VERY stable and capable of long sessions without getting sluggish as well as rendering for many many hours.
Some users render 24/7 without restarting.

This image took 19 hours at very high settings. Way too high for animation because much detail will be lost due to movement of camera / motion blur.



Totally amaizing skill.
I admire an artist who seeks the simple things, in a complex style and pulls off an outstanding production.
This is a very awesome image.


awesome render!
I like the layout as well!


Thank you all guys :slight_smile:

More to come soon…


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