June/July 2003 Official Classic Challenge Guidelines - June 2nd - July 12th


Wow that was a bit of a hiatus wasn’t it? Yes sorry about that but due to the numerous activities that happened last month it was a bit difficult to setup and run our monthly challenges.
With that said welcome once again to the CGTalk challenges. First off I must say the Animation and VFX challenges really took off in our previous challenges, this is a great thing, it means we know now there’s a greater interest in these sections than we imagined, so that means more more more.

So let’s get to what you all are waiting for,

The next challenge topic.

This month’s Challenge is entitled “Cinematic Game Icons”

- Cinematic Game Icons -

Cinematic characters/environment/vehicles

Create an icon of a character or that one standout level or vehicle of the quality that we would find in a truly excellent game intro or cutscene - the kind of stuff that makes you drool in anticipation to play the game or get to the next level. We’re talking about jaw-droppingly cool characters, vehicles and environments.

Do take note that for this Classic Challenge, you do not need to create an entire scene with posed characters and action and all that - you just need to create the character (preferably posed, because it just looks cooler that way), the vehicle, or the environment, and render them to a standard that is befitting of a kickass cinematic. So go wild with those GI renders!

Be it character, level, or vehicle this is the one standout coolest, most bad-ass thing about the game. It is the iconic masterpeice that sells 2 million units of your game in your country alone. This is the game that flies off the shelves, and your art is the driving force behind it! Epic and huge…this is the character/level/vehicle everyone is talking about!

The final rules for the challenge are:

1) Concept has to be entirely original. Absolutely NO “expansions” or “sequels” to existing games, and NO games based on films.
2) The genre of the game must be clearly stated at the beginning, whether it is an FPS, an RTS, an adventure game, etc. A background story must also be given.
3) Model has to be of cinematic quality, ie not a low poly model.
4) Fur plugins are allowed for short hair, however longer hair HAS to be either modelled or clip/opacity mapped.
5) Bumpmaps are allowed throughout the challenge and for final voting.
6) However, if you wish to do so, full texturing is allowed - ie colour, spec, bump, reflection, etc.
7) Final model should be shown from a couple of different angles.

[b]From member “Whirlwind”
Here’s some examples of some icons, thought it might help:

  • Batman’s suit, notiable the pointy ears and cap. All you have to do is see his silhoutte and you know who it is.
  • Splinter Cell. His three point nightvision goggles. Same idea as above.
  • Mario. If you don’t know, your not allowed to post.
  • Megaman. Notable figure, you see him and pretty much know what the game is about.
  • Link from Legend of Zelda. Same idea
  • Lara Croft. Tomb Raiders biggest selling point.
  • Half life’s Gordan Freeman or G-Man.
  • Spy Hunter. One cool car!

There are millions more, hope this helps.[/b]

The Challenge starts June 3rd, 2003 and will run until July 12th, 2003 Midnight GMT

An excellent idea was suggested to have a countdown timer located on the cgchallenge site. This will now always be implemented.

additional notes:

- Please provide some form of concept art, a doodle is fine.

  • Render from a few different point of views so we can see details. Remember that this is a WIP challenge, so it is a requirement to show the steps you used, and help out as much as you can, of course you’re not obligated to, but it will help those that need it greatly.

There are however some restrictions to prevent unnecessary issues:

[li]Images with a direct outside linking should NOT exceed the size of either 800x600 or 600x800 in the forum itself. . . If you wish to show a larger formatted picture, do so using the new cgchallenge.com site. . .this is to help those people with small monitors and slow connections.
[/li][li] Important, Please DO NOT use any models prior to the challenge start date, please start from scratch. If it’s evident you used an old model, you will be told to remove and start over.[/ul]

When you begin a new thread please use the following syntax

Cinematic Game Icons - character/vehicle/environment - [your name]

so for example

Cinematic Game Icons - character - lildragon

And that’s it,

Now on with the show :slight_smile:


Challenge issues are resolved here http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=66796

have fun