jump, yellow men (3D)


Title: jump
Name: yellow men
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

It’s my frist time to create a image with technique of composition.Before this time I think many ways to achieve,such as use reacter to compute collapse.Although final image is different from composition of this picture,But this one to be pleased with me.It had createn this image, which had cost time altogether more than five-month, I want to thank my friend Sun Yidang and my teacher Yang Xueguo for their support.


Nice image and composition… perhaps it would help to see tha face of the girl… it could be more expresive.


Very nice Composition…Very mysterious…almost suffocating with all those books…So much detail…reminds me of a piece done by Jiema here on cgs some while back.


supercool… how did u make the books scatter and fly around?


very cool project and visualization. one thing, many books are broken, but you can add more pieces of paper, looks much more chaos! that will be look quite nice. :buttrock: :applause:


:beer: great work I like it so much Keep it up


Great picture. Congrats :slight_smile:
No two books are same (at least in the foreground), that must have taken a lot of work.
I also liked the child and her pose. Only thing that bothers me is the books at the bottom foreground, they don’t look like that they are resting on ground. Its a minor thing seeing its a fantasy picture.


Reminds me alot of this work: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=121&t=885864

But being the concept different, i like this!



Lovely piece of art. Great work with the lighting and composition …
Loved the girl’s outfit too :slight_smile:


Very great and interested composition! Cheers!


Excellent work!
I in delight!


Very impressing!
I also thought instantly at the one great image of Jiema.
Very similar composition. Both are wonderful works.
Have you perhaps been inspired by the image of Jiema?
Congratulations for the great work.


Ooh, I’m happy you like this.Please forgive me for English.It is very poor .In this picture,the plan of the work is on cellar and a sunbeam penetrated the dark room at first.But the final image is different from my first conception.Who know.Maybe such is creative work.Maybe The reality is discordant with the ideality.
About Jiema,He was to be my teacher and friend .Maybe my subconsciousness
are influenced by he. :smiley:


This work is FANTASTIC.

Congratulations on creating such a fine and unique piece. Hopefully this one receives a lot of recognition!


Interesting concept. Nice composition. Well done.


Nice work!! BUT…Why you need spend so mach time to do this in 3d…with PS abaut 1-2 hours…


I spend about one weeks in 3D…many time has spend with PS.Becouse I done every
materials with that books. Mabe It’s just one attempt.


Gratz nice piece ! loce it


CS1, your talking about this image: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=121&t=885864
Yes, very similar. Nice work to both artists none the less (great minds think alike??)


Really like this piece, got a lot of mystery to it. :slight_smile: