Jump on the tree


Hello everyone

I would like your opinions and your criticism on this aniamtion



Hey, very cool idea for an animation man. I think it’s looking really good so far, the timing and amount of follow through on his body as he grabs the tree is working really well.

I think you could work on the animation of the hands, I can see where they snap into their constraint place, so you could smooth that out.
Also, right before he readjusts his screen right hand, around the 2 second mark, there is a bit of a jitter in the body you can notice if you focus on his head.
And when he tries to pull himself up, that is looking like quite even timing, I think you could add a bit of downward anticipation right before he tries, then a bit of a bounce in the body when he fails and falls back down. You could do some really nice overlapping action with his head as well.
Lastly when he’s swinging up onto the tree, I think it’d sell more if you had his legs dragging a fraction behind his body and then he kicks them up with the momentum.

Just some suggestions, looking great though man, hope you keep going with it.