Jump attack


here is one of my first animations…
give me your critiques





oh come on… i can’t be that good…


hi…i really love your robots design…but about the animation …i made an animation my self about a month and i had the same problem than you …i think that mybe the moves are too slow…maybe they need to have more impact and speed…cos “they seem to be under water”…i recived those words over my animation too…and that really help me…i hope it helps u too…cya.:slight_smile:
but of course your animation is much better than mine…


thanks mate. this is my biggest problem and i know it… i know it has to be faster at the begining…i also think his head pops… a bit…


Yeah, there just isn’t enough “pop” to some of the movements. I especially noticed when the gun was knocked away from the one robot’s head. There just isn’t a lot of dynamic movment


can i see your animation?


sure…you will need Divx for play it!
only the high res button works…
here is the link: http://www.mythologicsound.com/devmovies.htm


ya i think it has a little “underwater” syndrome, but i thought it was pretty good, few notes…
1 the robot that jumps doesn’t seem to have enough momentum to jump like that, looks kind of like he just flings at the other one
2 since they’re fighting it would be cooler if the bigger robot snatches onto the smaller one when he pounces like a violent robot grab or something…
other than that no crits i think you animation was really pretty good actually:) , as im still struggling with breakdancing stick figures ACK!!l:scream:


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