Jump and roll


Heres my attempt at jumping and rolling.



Good Start, but it looks like their needs to be more weight to the character. For instance when he jumps off the cliff, it almost looks like hes on the moon, seems to float a little.

The roll also has a bit of a weight issue. The roll and landing should be quicker as well as gravity would force him down awfully hard from that height



Ok heres an update, thanks for the comment it was very helpful.



good work.
More anticipation. In this case go down before you go up.
He needs to compress more before he springs up in the air.
in the plant step before a jump the body usually goes way low.

keep it up.


I went back and added the anticipation before the jump.



ok i think this would be the best way to explain

this is what i see when i watch your animation.

the guy takes two steps, on his second step he shifts his body weight back to stop.

it is at this point that the rope tied around his waist lifts him up off the ground

he then lands and rolls (over his head, quite dangerous, as an acting choice and more dynamic i would have him roll over one side, from shoulder down to opposite buttocks)

he then slams into the ground at tremendous speed but pushes off the ground as if he’s lifting much lighter than his body weight plus the velocity he was just travelling.

try and look specifically at the areas i’ve pointed out, go borrow your parents video camera, or take yours, camera phone webcam digital cam anything that records video and capture yourself really trying to do these actions, really try and jump as far as you can, really try and impact the ground in such a way and see how your body actually moves, then apply what you see to your animation.


Hey EpsilonStudios, I think you’re off to a decent start. Your timing is OK, it’s just selling the weight that you’re having a problem with.

I think some pose adjustments will get you on the right track. The reason the jump isn’t working is that you don’t have any anticipation of the jump, he just kind of floats off of the platform. You’re basically doing a bouncing ball exercise. Think if how a ball would look, and then get that feeling into your character’s poses.

Have a look at this page from Preston Blair’s animation book:

Do you see how compressed the pilgrim character is in pose B? That sort of compression will help sell your animation. The contrast between the squash (the anticipation of the jump) and the stretch (the pose where the character goes into and comes out of the leaping arc) will make this a great animation. Also, be sure to overlap the animation of the arms and head a little bit.

Keep going!



Nice start dude. This could be a pretty solid peice when it’s all polished off. Gun Slinger Black is right (say What’s up to Kameron Gates 4 me) - you should really shoot some video reference of yourself for something like this. I would also search around on youtube.com also for some reference… try some key words like “freerunner” “tuck rolls” “ninja”. Alrighty here’s some bits to look at:

  1. when your dude runs up to the ledge to jump. Get the shoulders moving, get the hips moving, get your character twist and stride with each step. He’s booking! Make him look like it.

  2. when your character anticipates and leaps. You need to get your guy to hit the ground - translate him down more on the Y axis. You want to pump this up alittle more for it to read… then have him spring off - straighten out (stretch) - keep the feet behind for a few frames to SELL the fact that he JUMPED! Right now it looks like he’s kinda floating off the floor.

  3. around mid jump you need to get your characters arms up a bit more. Again you want to push these poses. His midair pose is kinda weak. You need something solid. Esp for this angle… you need to make this mid air pose HOT! Look at some comic books poses these are a great way to get ideas. When the arms go up… get the elbows to lead abit… then have the wrist/hand follow after… get that FLOW into your arms are they raise. Starting with the shoulders! Watch LAST shot in the 1st Spiderman movie… there’s some awsome poses and actions on this shot - animated by Peter Giliberti.

  4. when you character FIRST makes contact with the floor his pose again is weak! Find a solid landing pose. Keep his arms up - they shouldn’t lower that much BEFORE he hits the floor. They should overlap down AFTER he hits the floor. Same goes for the chest, neck, and head. You want to allow these areas to stay upright for abit and then overlap down… like a chain reactions of events. This will be abit exaggerated from real life - but you should milk it enough to allow some coolness to happen. Right now everything looks like it was keyed on the same frames. doh!

  5. tuck roll… not too bad. need reference - his roll could be more dynamic. It’s not BAD - but it could shine! Look at what James Bond was doing in Casino Royal… his rolls - leaps - and tucks were exciting and cool looking. You need to capture that. Again going back to what Gunslinger said - you may want to do something abit more sideways to add some spice to it and make it look legit aswell. This could even allow you to roll into your ending pose better… in some cool Ninja/ Spiderman pose.

  6. end pose. the best pose in the peice. Again when he rolls to a halt… everything is keyed on the same frames. Chest, neck, head… you need to overlap these body parts and break them up. Watch the right hand coming to the floor… that 1 frame POP to the floor needs to be smoothed out… get the hand to HIT the floor and show the fingers take the pressure. When the hand hits the floor - the Shoulder should take the weight - then the chest reacts a frame or two later! Get the hips to take the weight and pressure of this character landing and stoping also.

Overall it’s a cool test peice! I think you have a good idea and your starting to flesh it out. Get in there and add all the LIFE GIVERS! Strengthen your poses! Find those little bits that will set your animation apart from the standerd. You want people to see this action say “Dude! That was sick… lemme see that again!”. Good luck man! -D


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