July: Animation Mini Challenge


This month’s Animation Mini Challenge is: [u][b][i]Watching a scary/funny movie

[/i][/b][/u]Use your time wisely everyone. We have a whole month ahead of us, so start planning your setup. I hope to see something soon from everyone.

For anyone who doesn’t know of a site to host their WIPS I suggest trying Vimeo or Youtube. They are both very reliable video hosting websites and most people have access to them.

The Rules Are:

[li]Make all the WIPS in Playblast form, then if you choose you can create your final piece in a more robust renderer (NOT necessary, you can still post the final with a playblast).[/li][li]All animations should last at least 10 seconds long, that way there will be more clarity with what is going on.[/li][li]All animations should last NO longer than 12 Seconds. Even I am guilty of creating an animation that lasts exceptionally long.[/li][li]All participants must show there work-in-progress before posting the final.[/li][/ol]Congratulations to MrMike for being the first Animator to make it into the “WINNERS” Circle.


Nice ! Thanks Splinter.

We can upload WIP here itself, or will you create a separate thread for that !

Now onto some brainstorming for ideas…



This thread is where we will post our WIPs, critiques, and finals. All I ask is that you let everyone know if the animation posted is a WIP or final. That way I will know at the end of the month which animations are eligible to be nominated for the “WINNERS” Circle.


This one should a fun one. And it will test me to the max I think.
Man I really like these Challenges and how you and other people are working towards the same goal and learning a ton along the way.

Not sure how much time I will have to work on this one but I think I can get some time in out it this weekend.

Good luck to all and happy animating


ok, i will try to stop asking with this frequency, but i read the rules for this month, and i think just 2 second between the minimum and maximum time permited will be a little hard for everyone to achieve

it could have a small increase in the maximum? if not for this month may be for the next…

and i liked this month idea, i think that will be a lot funny to make the animation and to search references =]

ah, the forum “questions” is written “quesions”


I understand what you mean Vidotto, but in my experience and with others, we usually tend to strive for longer durations, but in the end we eat more than we can chew.

The frame limit for this session of 240 - 288 frames is not less at all. Try doing the best you can and a lot depends on planning and you will be amazed thats its a LOT of frames. You may also end thinking, there are far too many frames to fill up.

Trust me, I used to keep increasing the frame limit not too long back, but it didn’t in anyway make it look better, rather became more complex.

Just my 2 cents of thoughts !



I think 10 seconds should be enough time for us to put in plenty of detail. I don’t want anyone to get too far ahead of themselves by putting in too much. By keeping the min and max to a minimal amount of frames this not only challenges you but gives everyone a higher chance of completing and an opportunity to be nominated for the “WINNERS” Circle.

As for the questions thread I missed that, thanks for giving me the heads up on that. I am dating some one who was an English major and she gets a twitch in her eye when she sees my writing :rolleyes::shrug:. So I understand how irritating that can be. Although Im not a Moderator so don’t know if I could actually edit the title of the thread, but I will see what I could do.

Thanks again you guys, for helping me stay on my toes.



my girlfriend always corrects me too =]

ok, 10 seconds



Alright I got my scene all set up I think i might add a picture on the wall to finish it up.

I am going to do a scary movie for the animation
I am going to get planing it out and do some storyboarding
Because we all know that is good right.

Plan out the shot very well and then you are all set up for a win.

Here is a screenie of my scene.


me too in… this time earlier… want to make scary scene…


hey Mike,

Nice start…its looking so inviting. Looking forward to your progress !

Good luck !



first time poster here.

what is the policy of audio with this contest? can we add our own, or do we have to keep it on mute?


Well, since this is a pantomime exercise, it doesn’t have any dialog per se. I guess you are free to add sound effects, if you feel it will contribute to the overall scene.


This question actually came up in the “Questions” thread if you follow the link HEREthe third post will answer your question about Sound FX.


ok thanks splinter. i didnt want to send anything in just to get dq’d.

I have another question… does anyone know a place that i can find maya models for my scene?



i suggest to go for the more downloadeds



do you know where i can find any environment models?


i am started with funny movie seeing…



Nice start keep it up cant wait to see more.


Hey guys I made some time to get to my animation and I have finished out a 1st Pass.
Tell me what you think.
Thanks for all of your help guys.