July 2016 - Jack Stevens


Hi guys,
great to see all the support for the dmp challenges. Im gonna try my best to get an entry done and hopefully we can keep these challenges alive!
I have chosen Bioshock as the game of choice. I am going to create an establishing shot of Rapure, the underwater city.

Im gonna get a concept done asap and start modelling some assets.

Good luck everyone.


We CAN keep these challenges alive. All we have to do is keep challenging ourselves!

I didn’t play Bioshock but I like what I see on these screenshots. Looks like you will have good time in July :).




I never play this game too !

Convert what i can see in your reference image with a realistic touch is a huge work !

Many buildings, skyscrapper, artificial lights… I guess a lot of modelisation too !!

NB : City looks like gotham city :slight_smile:


This was one of my original choices too! I love Bioshock universe, I wish I could just visit rapture and take a nice long walk around the place taking in the amazing views. I look forward to seeing this develop. Awesome choice!


I never heard this game.
Yeah, the reference looks like Gotham mix Dredd city
This will be the coolest work to do.


Hey guys,
Glad you guys like my choice for this month!
sorry ive been quiet for a while, so im working on the 3d layout of the city at the minute and building the cameras and lighting. Heres the updates of everything so far.

Camera move with 3d layout:


Test comp:

Highres Assets:

Im going to continue building assets and use them to create hero buildings for the shot. I will use the proxy geo for the rest of the city to project matte painting elements and cg paintover projections on top.

Thanks for


Hey guys

I dont think im gonna get this done on time as Im going away for a week, this saturday. But I will try to get a render setup for that week im away! I will finish this even if its after the deadline.
Anyway here is an update with where its at. Tonight im continuing to build the high res buildings for the city and update some lights and get some seamless textures sorted out for my shaders.

The new updated animation:



Nice work mate, can’t wait to see this finished, love Bioshock! Yeah I wouldn’t worry about the deadlines, its just a fun exercise and if you get a piece for your portfolio that’s worth all the time.


Thanks a lot man, yeah I would love to do Bioshock justice with this. I think having this 3d heavy environment would be a really great portfolio piece so I will definitely put a lot of time into this.

Looking forward to seeing everyones updates this month!



Nice progress Jack! I like the mood and… you have camera move! I have to try to make something that moves one day :).